Jay-Z reveals Kobe Bryant's last words to him

Jay-Z reveals his last words with Kobe Bryant were about Gianna's basketball career

Jay-Z has denies claims he and Beyoncé were "protesting" during the national anthem

Jay-Z slams claims he & Beyoncé were protesting by sitting during Super Bowl national anthem

Wendy Williams slammed Beyoncé and Jay-Z for not standing during the Super Bowl national anthem.

Wendy Williams slams Beyoncé & Jay Z for sitting down during Super Bowl national anthem

Beyoncé & Jay-Z spark controversy after staying seated during the national anthem at the Super Bowll

Beyoncé & Jay-Z sit down during Super Bowl national anthem sparking controversy

Bey and Jay arriving late with champagne to the Golden Globes is a moment !

Beyoncé & Jay-Z sneaking into the Golden Globes late with Champagne sparks Twitter memes

Blue Ivy, 7, has been targeted by two journalists, who insulted her appearance on Twitter

Blue Ivy, 7, mocked by two journalists for "looking like her father Jay-Z"

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