Sunday 24 October

Monday 25 October

  • 10pm - 1am

    Ras Kwame

    Ras heats up Sunday nights with the best dancehall and reggae flavas on the Reggae Recipe. Get involved @CapitalXTRA

  • 1am - 4am

    Kemi Rodgers

    Kemi's got you covered with nothing but Hip-Hop & RnB bangers. Get involved @CapitalXTRA

  • 4am - 6:30am

    Jay London

    Hip-Hop & RnB to get the day started with Jay London. Get involved @CapitalXTRA

  • 6:30am - 10am

    Yinka & Shayna Marie

    Yinka & Shayna Marie make waking up early worth it with top riddims. Get involved on Twitter @CapitalXTRA.

  • 10am - 1pm

    Manny Norte

    Hip-Hop & RnB with Manny, including a whole hour of old skool Reloaded anthems at 11am. Get involved @CapitalXTRA

  • 1pm - 4pm

    Toni Phillips

    Keep Toni on for Hip-Hop & RnB anthems all afternoon. Get involved @CapitalXTRA

  • 4pm - 7pm

    Mike Panteli

    Mike Panteli has Hip-Hop & RnB all afternoon, including Old-skool Reloaded Anthems at 6pm. Get involved @CapitalXTRA.

  • 7pm - 10pm

    Robert Bruce

    Robert Bruce rounds off another day with an hour of Homegrown tunes at 7pm, plus loads of new music. Get involved @CapitalXTRA.

  • 10pm - 1am

    Leah Davis

    Leah's keeping you company with Hip-Hop & RnB anthems. Get involved @CapitalXTRA

Tuesday 26 October

Wednesday 27 October

Thursday 28 October

Friday 29 October

Saturday 30 October

  • 11pm - 1am

    Shayna Marie

    Shayna Marie plays the biggest party tunes and dancehall flavas to take Friday night to new heights. Get involved @CapitalXTRA

  • Dynamic
    1am - 6am


    Dynamic is serving up the hottest hip-hop bangers and freshest R&B tunes. Get involved @CapitalXTRA!

  • 6am - 9am

    Leah Davis

    Leah's keeping you company with Hip-Hop & RnB anthems. Get involved @CapitalXTRA

  • 9am - 1pm

    Will Njobvu

    It's the weekend! Will has Hip-Hop & RnB bangers. Get involved @capitalxtra

  • 1pm - 4pm


    Remel's playing the biggest Hip-Hop & RnB tracks. Get involved @CapitalXTRA

  • 4pm - 7pm

    Homegrown with Robert Bruce

    Robert Bruce loads in 3 hours of UK tunes to fire up Saturday night. Get involved @CapitalXTRA

  • 7pm - 11pm

    Tim Westwood

    Saturday night will never be the same! The Big Dawg is in the building with the biggest hip-hop anthems. Get involved @CapitalXTRA

  • 11pm - 1am

    Afrobeats with Afro B

    It's Saturday night, and Afro B has all the hottest Afrobeats tunes in the mix! Get involved @CapitalXTRA