Lizzo divides fans over controversial "pop king and queens" music list

31 August 2021, 13:07

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Lizzo has sparked debate by labelling Justin Bieber the “prince of pop".

Lizzo has sparked a controversial debate on Twitter after declaring her pop-royalty rankings.

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The 'Rumours' singer crowned a King and Queen of pop, as well as a Prince and Princess.

Lizzo took to Twitter to make some bold statements, as she shared her rankings for some pop icons.

The singer posted a tweet where she crowed Michael Jackson the "King of Pop" with his sister Janet, labelled the "Queen of Pop".

The 33 year old continued, tweeting: "Prince of pop- Bieber Princess of Pop- Britney Spears"

Before concluding: "The Pop princess- Rihanna Queen of music- Beyonce".

Lizzo named Justin Bieber the "Prince of Pop".
Lizzo named Justin Bieber the "Prince of Pop". Picture: Getty
Lizzo caught backlash for her pop rankings
Lizzo caught backlash for her pop rankings. Picture: Twitter

However, Lizzo's judgments resulted in mixed reactions from fans, with one even saying they've removed three of her songs from their playlist.

The angry tweeter continued: "I didn't see you as one of those divisive figure in the music world... good luck to you with that... '

Continuing: "LOL We do not tolerate Queen of POP - M A D O N N A Slander".

Another angry fan said: "Bruno Mars is the true Prince of Pop".

Whilst one Tweeter declared that the Queen of Pop was in fact Lady Gaga.

One Bruno fan tweeted a video of the 35 year old singer showing off stellar vocals, simply saying: "Bruno Mars Exists lmao".

Lizzo followed up the controversy by jokingly tweeting another ranking, saying "Top 5 dead or alive: stuffed bread edition".

Followed by a list that featured hot pockets and empanadas.

Do you agree with Lizzo's list? Let us know - @CapitalXTRA.

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