How did viral TikTok star sneak into Kanye's 'Donda' album listening party without a ticket?

26 July 2021, 14:19

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A TikTok star has gone viral for sneaking into Kanye's 'Donda' listening party without a ticket.

TikToker Thornton Drury has gone viral as he managed to sneak into Kanye West's 'Donda' album listening party without a ticket.

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Fans were even more shocked to learn he even got better seats than Kim Kardashian.

A TikTok star has gone viral after he posted a video explaining how he snuck into Kanye West's recent Atlanta listening party.

In the video he talks through the process and explains how he managed to gain entry.

He begins, saying "So I decided to sneak into the Kanye West Donda album listening party in Atlanta.".

"Didn't care or have enough time today to Photoshop a credential, and snagged a photo of a credential" he says, whilst showing viewers how he photoshopped a fake ticket.

He explained that he used a photo of a ticket from the shows merchandise to trick his way in.

The TikTok star managed to gain entry to Kanye's event without a ticket
The TikTok star managed to gain entry to Kanye's event without a ticket. Picture: Getty

Dury then proceeded to make his way into the stadium, saying he was going to use "confidence" whilst ensuring he moves "quickly" so security "don't get a good look at the pass".

The video shows that this worked, as security usher him in - even declining when he offered to be searched.

The TikTok then shows how close he is to the stage, bragging that he has better tickets than Kanye's ex wife and the mother of his four children - Kim Kardashian.

He also explained that he had brought his professional camera with him, having taken pictures of the event which are shown at the end of the video and were also shared to his Instagram.

Watch the full video below.

It appears as thought the video has been removed from TikTok however, the reposted video on Twitter has over 50k views, with another repost having over 1.6 million.

One tweeter replied to the video saying: "I think this is where the saying "confidence is key" comes from"

Whilst another said:"Damn, somebody getting fired. Nice pics tho. He got close af".

Some Twitter users were less impressed, implying that if he wasn't white he would not have been able to successfully sneak into the show.

One user tweeted: "White privilege", and another said: "This only worked cause he’s white".

Kanye and his team are yet to comment on the events.

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