Kanye West 'Donda' release time: When is the rapper dropping his new album?

31 August 2021, 13:47

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The rapper was reportedly set to drop his album 'Donda' on Friday (Jul 23rd) at midnight and August 6th. It has finally been released!

Kanye West was scheduled to be releasing his new album, Donda, on Friday (23 July) then it got pushed back to Friday (6 Aug). However, the album was released on Sunday (Aug 29).

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The rapper held a massive listening party at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta on Thursday (Jul 22) – which was attended by around 42,000 fans at the sold out event. He hosted a second listening event at the same venue on Thursday (5 Aug).

Kanye West sold out Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta with 42,000 fans for his 'Donda' listening event.
Kanye West sold out Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta with 42,000 fans for his 'Donda' listening event. Picture: Getty

Fans were excited when clips emerged of tracks from the album landed online.

A huge surprise from the album is that Kanye reunited with Jay-Z on a track and there were features which had not been uncovered before.

On that Friday morning, fans became disappointed when they learned Kanye had not yet dropped his album on streaming services. The album has not yet been made available.

But when is Kanye West going to release his album?

Kanye West shares photo of himself in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta at his listening event.
Kanye West shares photo of himself in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta at his listening event. Picture: Instagram/@kanyewest
  1. Aug 8th - New release date

    On Sunday (Aug 8) fans noticed that Apple Music had teased a new release date for Kanye West's 'DONDA' album.

    The highly anticipated project is expected to drop on August 15th. However, fans have claimed iTunes lists its expected release date for Donda as August 13.

    Apple Music teases new 'Donda' release date.
    Apple Music teases new 'Donda' release date. Picture: Instagram/@theshaderoom
  2. Aug 6th 17:13am - Kanye still has not released his album

    Fans are wondering when Kanye will drop his new album 'Donda' as it was said to be released on Friday (Aug 6th).

    The album was expected to drop straight after his listening event at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz stadium.

    However, fans were quickly disappointed when they saw it had not been uploaded to any streaming services.

  3. Jul 26th update - Justin Laboy teases new release date for 'Donda'

    While a press release initially stated that West’s new album would be released on Friday (July 23), the album was not released.

    However, media personality Justin Laboy has teased a new release date for Kanye West's album 'Donda'.

    On Saturday (Jul 24) the podcast star took to Twitter and wrote: “KANYE WEST WILL MOVE THE RELEASE DATE OF DONDA TO AUGUST 6TH".


  4. 12:56am- Photos have emerged of artists recording their verses for the album a day before it is set to drop

    2 Chainz allegedly recorded his verse for a track on Kanye West's album 'Donda' backstage at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium listening event in Atlanta.

    A Kanye West fan page tweeted: "@2chainz recording for #DONDA backstage at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta today (7.22.21)"

    Jay-Z also reportedly recorded his verse for a track on the album on Thursday at 4PM, according to Jay’s engineer Young Guru.

    He tweeted: "HOV did the verse today!!!! At 4pm"

  5. 10:00am - Donda is coming today

    According to The Independent, a reliable source has confirmed that Kanye West's new album 'Donda' will definitely be released on streaming platforms on Friday (Jul 23)

  6. 8:30am - Fans alleged Spotify is "broken" due to high volumes of search for Kanye West's album

    Fans have suspected Spotify became "frozen" at midnight as fans were waiting for the project to drop on the platform.

    However, Spotify has been operating completely fine and fans have been able to even stream Kanye's older projects.

  7. 6:50am - Fans took to Twitter to make light of Kanye not dropping his album yet

    Fans woke up excited to go stream Kanye West's new album, to only find that the rapper had not released it yet.

    The rapper initially teased a midnight release via Justin Laboy's Instagram page.

    He uploaded a photo of 'Ye, the tracklist beside him and him looking as if he's on his phone.

    People took to Twitter to make light out of the fact Kanye had not dropped his album when he said he was going to, again.

    Check out some memes below.

  8. Aug 10th - Kanye West is not moving stadium

    Kanye West is reportedly moving to another stadium to finish off his new album.

    Kaycyy – who has closely been working with 'Ye – took to Twitter to address tweets that were sent and later deleted from his page.

    Apparently, the rapper's social media page was hacked and he was not responsible for some of the messages shared via Twitter.

    He cleared up that Kanye West will not be moving stadium.

    "You hackers gotta stop !!!," he typed. "4 of my tweets were hacks ...  I will not be on twitter anymore for the rest of the week . 'We moving to another stadium' is a cap!"

  9. Aug 29th - Kanye West releases 'DONDA'

    Kanye West finally dropped his highly-anticipated album 'DONDA' on Sunday (Aug 29).

    The 27 track album sees many different sounds and features.

The album is officially available on all streaming platforms.

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