Kim Kardashian wears wedding dress at estranged husband Kanye West’s Donda listening event

27 August 2021, 11:39

Kim Kardashian wears wedding dress for Donda listening party

Fans were shocked to see Kim Kardashian in a wedding dress at Kanye West's most recent ' DONDA' listening event.

Kanye West has now hosted three listening events in the run up to his rumoured 'DONDA' album.

Each has given fans a preview of the album accompanied by mind-blowing visuals.

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The most recent event saw Kanye's former wife, Kim Kardashian join him - wearing a wedding dress.

Kanye made an impact at his Soldier Field, Chicago listening event for many reasons.

Reports emerged that the star was building a replica of his childhood home previously and he did not disappoint - the full sized replica sat on stage during his performance.

As if this wasn't enough - Kanye proceeded to set himself alight during the event - then walking on stage in a blaze.

As though this wasn't shocking enough, the 'Yeezus' star then welcomed the mother of his four children on stage; whom he separated from.

Kim Kardashian, who filed for divorce against the rapper six months ago not only appeared on stage - but did so wearing a Balenciaga wedding dress.

Kim dramatically walked on stage in a white dress and veil and joined Kanye - before the pair dramatically exited together.

Following the dramatic on-stage union fans are speculating whether the pair are letting the world know that their divorce is off.

One fan tweeted: "Did Kanye just end the event by getting back together with Kim Kardashian?".

Whilst another tweeter said: "Kim and Kanye are the weirdest divorcing couple I've ever seen."

Kanye is still yet to officially release his highly anticipated 'DONDA' album.

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