Viral DONDA fan theory explains Kanye West's album delay

18 August 2021, 13:37

Kim Kardashian supports Kanye at DONDA show

Social media users have gone crazy over this theory behind Kanye's 'DONDA' album delay.

A 'DONDA' fan theory has gone viral after fans plot the reason for the delay on Kanye West's upcoming album.

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The theory suggests that the album has already been released.

A fan theory has circulated on Twitter, that has raised questions surrounding Kanye's long awaited album.

The theory suggests that DONDA is an album that has "materialised itself into existence without being officially released".

It continues: "The songs have been premiered, they play on radio... he wants people to review it.. he wants everyone to pretend and act like it's out".

The theory then suggests: "but in reality, it cannot be purchased, it cannot be streamed. It can only be accessed from listening events and rips from said events"

The viral fan theory suggests that the album has already been released
The viral fan theory suggests that the album has already been released. Picture: Getty

The post suggest Kanye "might tour it [DONDA] and do tracks from it... the album will be very real in that it's his tenth album".

It "has a tracklist and has all the compositions of a real album: except it cannot be streamed or purchased", the theory continues.

The Yeezy fan says: "It's an album you can't see".

"It doesn't seem real. but the music exists. the experience exists and it will be talked about for generations to come" it continues.

concluding, theory adds: "Furthermore. this his f*ck you to his contract and the f*ck you to the Grammys".

"He found the loophole and hes on top of his f*cking game".

The full post can be viewed below.

Fans have had mixed reactions to the theory, with one tweeter emotionally saying: "we can't have the album the same way kanye can't have his mom-- they only exist in our memories".

However one social media user appeared to disagree, saying: "we have all lost our minds".

Another doubting fan said: "If it didn't have a pre-order on Apple, I could actually believe this.".

Continuing: "It's also interesting how most of the videos of the stream on YouTube haven't been taken down either.".

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