When is SZA’s new album ‘Lana’ coming out?

27 March 2024, 10:51

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By Anna Suffolk

When is the deluxe album to 'SOS', 'Lana' being released and what songs join 'Saturn' on the tracklist? Here's all we know.

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SZA has announced a deluxe album to her hit sophomore release 'SOS', a year since its release that included the hit songs 'Kill Bill', 'Snooze' and 'Blind'.

Called 'Lana', the project originally started out as a deluxe edition to 'SOS', however it may or may not be a standalone release. In March 2024, SZA has revealed that due to leaks, the album will be coming out later than expected.

So, when is Lana's release date? What is the tracklist to SZA's deluxe album? Are there any features in Lana? Here's all we know.

SZA Performs at Capital One Arena in Washington, DC.
SZA Performs at Capital One Arena in Washington, DC. Picture: Getty
  1. When is 'Lana' by SZA's release date?

    There is no official release date for SZA's deluxe album of SOS as of yet, however this hasn't stopped SZA from dropping clues.

    Fans initially thought the album was going to drop in December 2023, however this was not the case.

    SZA performed 'Saturn' from Lana at the 2024 Grammy Awards, but did not confirm a release date of the deluxe! She has since released Saturn on streaming services too.

    SZA performed Saturn in an exclusive performance at the Grammys.
    SZA performed Saturn in an exclusive performance at the Grammys. Picture: Getty

    In a now-deleted tweet on March 25, SZA revealed that she will be making Lana from scratch: "So, we’ll make this really simple. Y’all leaked three songs from the deluxe.

    "At this point, y’all can keep the throwaways and leaks. I’ll be starting LANA from scratch. Do not ask me about it again. Thank you."

    However, SZA did say she will be releasing the three leaked songs to the public soon.

  2. What is the meaning of Lana by SOS?

    In August 2023, SZA started dropping hints about an SOS deluxe, and said to Variety: "I added a couple of songs. It’s like a whole new project."

    "It’s called ‘Lana’ — my name but, it’s the first tattoo that I ever got, when I was 13.

    It was 10 bucks a letter and I only had 40, so that that became my nickname for no reason. ‘Lana’ is really just the B-side of SOS."

    SZA is set to release Lana soon.
    SZA is set to release Lana soon. Picture: Getty
  3. What is the track list for Lana by SOS?

    SZA has not confirmed the track list for Lana, but has revealed it is a "whole 'nother album" that has "seven to ten songs" on its track list.

    In September 2023, SZA threw a surprise album party, and she performed four new tracks:

    • Saturn
    • PSA
    • DTM / Diamond Boy
    • Boy from South Detroit

    'PSA' was used as the opener for SZA's 'SOS' tour, and was released as a bonus song on the website-exclusive edition of SOS.

    SZA at her SOS Tour earlier this year.
    SZA at her SOS Tour earlier this year. Picture: Getty

    SZA has also revealed that the track 'Joni' - a tribute to Joni Mitchell will also be on the album.

    The song was leaked by fans a few years ago, with SZA telling Variety: "‘Joni’ is on it. Well, they leaked it, so I wasn’t gonna put it on there.

    "I guess I should still… but they leaked it already. They ruined it. [Fans] already have it."

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