SZA new album 'S.O.S' memes: the funniest tweets and reactions

9 December 2022, 13:54

SZA teases the music video for "Good Days."

SZA has dropped her new album 'S.O.S' and the reactions do not disappoint.

By Anna Suffolk

The day has finally come and SZA has released her long-awaited second album 'S.O.S'.

Fans have been waiting for a new project since the seminal 2017 album 'CTRL' which stunned in its acute lyricism and relatable lyrics.

SZA has done it again with the genre-bending album 'S.O.S', and we have compiled the best reactions to the release.

SZA announces her new album 'S.O.S' is coming next month
SZA has released her latest album 'S.O.S'. . Picture: Getty Images / RCA Records
  1. This fan picked up on just how many genres SOS covers...

    It only took five years for SZA to release her follow up to CTRL, so perhaps in five years we may have another jaw-dropping project to listen to.

    (Fingers crossed).

  2. Again, SZA really covers almost every genre in her latest release

    SZA really is queen.

  3. SZA's music will really do this to you.

    This fan is ascending.

    I don't blame them after listening to 'Nobody Gets Me'.

  4. SZA understands

    It's been five years since SZA dropped CTRL and these new anthems have come in clutch.

  5. I went through every emotion under the sun listening to S.O.S

    Is it a revenge or sad-girl era? We don't know. SZA doesn't know.

  6. 'Nobody Gets Me' hits different

    SZA really did that.

  7. I hope this isn't true, but knowing SZA...

    Five years was too much. 23 years? I don't even want to think.

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