Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly shock fans with raunchy Airbnb confession

8 September 2021, 14:36

Machine Gun Kelly confesses his love for Megan Fox

Fans are shocked as Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly share intimate details of their relationship.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have become known for their incredible couple pictures and beautiful red carpet appearances.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox's relationship timeline: pictures, videos & more

However, fans believe the pair may have gone too far with a recent post.

Megan took to Instagram to post a selfie, captioning the post: "When I tell you that the table at this air bnb saw some things 🥵".

Her boyfriend then responded to the comment, writing: "i’m really glad that’s not our table anymore".

Alluding to the idea that the loved up couple used the table for something that wasn't eating.

The pair exchanged comments on Megan's Instagram post
The pair exchanged comments on Megan's Instagram post. Picture: Instagram

Fans took to the comments with mixed reactions, with one commenter saying: "oh to be the table at Megan Fox’s airb&b".

Another fan wrote: "Brb booking that airbnb".

However one appeared shocked by the raunchy innuendo, saying: THE CAPTION THO ??? 😭".

Fans appeared shocked by the comments
Fans appeared shocked by the comments. Picture: Getty

Fans on Twitter also had varied reactions, with one writing: "She's got 3 kids , out here acting like that".

Another Tweeter simply said: "throws up".

One fan even wrote: "they’re a hot couple but like… we get it, y’all have s3x, come up with something else"

Rumours begun surrounding the couples romance in May 2020, with the two confirming their love with a public kiss in June of the same year.

The pair have made many red carpet appearances together
The pair have made many red carpet appearances together. Picture: Getty

Since, Megan and MGK have made many public appearances, from red carpets to Fox joining Kelly on stage at an Indy 500 Party.

More surprising, was MGK sharing that he wears his girlfriends blood in necklace, whilst she has a tattoo dedicated to him on her collarbone.

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