Love Island fans react to Hugo Hammond slamming Toby for 'treating Chloe badly'

23 July 2021, 12:00

Love Island fans were shocked as Hugo picked Chloe in a shocking re-coupling.

Fans were shocked as Hugo gave a heartfelt speech during a dramatic re-coupling where he chose to pair up with Chloe.

What disability does Love Island's Hugo Hammond have?

During the speech he appeared to slam Toby for his treatment of his new match.

Fans have had mixed reactions as Hugo chose Chloe to couple with up with during last night's (Thursday 22nd) re-coupling.

Hammond was left with a choice between bombshell Georgia, who has expressed interest in him, or Chloe - who had recently been dumped by Toby.

However, Hugo shockingly chose Chloe to remain in the villa - sending new girl Georgia home.

In his speech Hugo appeared to send shots for Toby - who had chosen new girl Abigail over his old match, Chloe.

The Islander said "All this test stuff has been bulls**t!" whilst saying Chloe did not deserve how she was treated by Toby.

The shocking decision trended on Twitter, with fans making hilarious memes about the situation.

Speaking on the islanders reactions to the dramatic speech, one fan tweeted: "The girls' reactions to Hugo's speech were WAY better than the actual speech!".

Another hilariously said: "Luceasar salad [Lucinda] was all of us when Hugo kicked off".

One tweeter simply posted a close up picture of Toby's face during the speech, captioned: "Sorry this just needed to be posted".

See more of the hilarious reactions below.

Fans can watch Love Island on iTV2 at 9pm.

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