NBA Youngboy cuts ties with his 10 children amid baby mama feud

23 November 2022, 12:33

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NBA Youngboy has cut off contact with his children after being involved in a complicated situation with his baby mamas.

Rapper NBA Youngboy has publicly declared that he has blocked his ten children from seeing him due to a feud with his baby mamas.

This week the rapper took to Instagram to post a lengthy statement revealing his feelings towards his baby mama's and children.

23-year-old Youngboy has ten children with six different baby mamas, and is currently engaged to Jazlyn Mychelle, who he has two children with.

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NBA YoungBoy performing in concert.
NBA YoungBoy performing in concert. Picture: Getty Images

"I AIN'T BLIND...don't nobody want to help me cause they want me to lose what I got. They always hated that they couldn't suck me dry", ranted the rapper on Instagram this week about the situation.

Whilst NBA Youngboy didn't mention names, it became clear that he has talking about his baby mamas as he continued the spiel.

"People tried to make me seem like a monster towards my own kids that s**t hurt", he said.

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The message which Youngboy posted.
The message which Youngboy posted. Picture: Instagram

The rapper continued: "Now look what you've done...ain't no coming back into my life until they're old enough to deal with me on their own and see what type of man I really am and 'HOW HARD I WENT FOR THEM'."

"And y'all steady bringing up this unborn or newborn situation whatever the f**k y'all talking bout," said Youngboy.

"People need to learn to stop doing dirty s**t fir money you only hurting yourself cause ain't no controlling me with your bad intentions."

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NBA Youngboy and his fiancé, Jazlyn.
NBA Youngboy and his fiancé, Jazlyn. Picture: Instagram

He is on good terms with two of his children and his fiancé, Jazlyn Mychelle, but seems to have cut all contact with his five other baby mamas and children.

Mychelle and Youngbboy welcomed baby number two, Klemenza Tru, in September of this year.

It is currently unclear which of his baby mamas have angered the rapper, but NBA Youngboy seems to have been emotional about the situation.

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