Action Bronson reveals he played DMX's music to help his wife during labour

21 April 2021, 12:05

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The "Easy Rider" rapper shared a hilarious story about how one of DMX's hit tracks helped his wife in labour.

Action Bronson payed a heartfelt tribute to DMX and revealed a moment where the now-late rapper played a significant role in Bronson's family.

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Bronson, 37, appeared as a guest on the The Joe Rogan Experience to talk about his weight loss journey, what he did during quarantine and how playing DMX helped his wife get through labour.

Action Bronson remembers DMX with a hilarious story about his wife's labour
Action Bronson remembers DMX with a hilarious story about his wife's labour. Picture: Getty

During the conversation, Bronson revealed that his wife was in labour for 18 hours.

He told Rogan that he and his wife had different instruments like Peruvian flute music playing, to help assist her labour. However, she did respond differently when Bronson starting playing DMX instead. 

“I played DMX. ‘stop, drop,’” Bronson explained to Rogan. “That motherf**ker jumped out of her! I swear on everything, it’s on camera."

"It’s on film, as soon as the Peruvian flute music stopped, DMX came on, he heard the [barking] and he jumped out.”

Bronson said that he wished he could have told DMX that story, as it means so much to his family.

DMX released his popular hit "Ruff Ryders&squot; Anthem" in 1998.
DMX released his popular hit "Ruff Ryders' Anthem" in 1998. Picture: Getty

DMX passed away on Friday (Apr 9) at the age of 50 after suffering a heart attack the week prior.

The rapper was immediately hospitalised and put in the intensive care unit at White Plains Hospital in New York. He was in a coma for a week before the family decided to take him off life support.

During the interview, Bronson also talked about quarantine allowed him to delve into the things that makes him happy.

“It was a long time coming I’m happy that it happened now … If it didn’t happen, I would have been in the grave,” Bronson explained during the podcast.

Action Bronson Remembers DMX

The New York rapper revealed that at one point, he weighed 380 pounds. However, he underwent an extensive weight loss journey ​​​​​and works out consistently.

He revealed that both he and Rogan worked out before filming the podcast episode.

Watch Action Bronson paying tribute to DMX above.

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