Who is Central Cee? Ethnicity, Religion, Real Name & More Revealed

5 June 2024, 09:42 | Updated: 13 June 2024, 14:47

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What religion is Central Cee? How tall is he? What is his ethnicity? Here's everything you need to know about the 'Sprinter' rapper.

Central Cee has been a name in the UK rap scene for years, and is now making a splash worldwide thanks to his hits 'Band4Band' and 'Sprinter' and consistent link ups with some of the biggest rappers in the business.

The West London rapper rose to fame in 2020 with the songs "Day in the Life" and "Loading", and since then has racked up collaborations with none other than Dave and Drake to name a few.

Here's everything you need to know about Central Cee, including his ethnicity, height, age, religion and more.

Central Cee is a 25-year-old rapper.
Central Cee is a 26-year-old rapper. Picture: Instagram
  1. What is Central Cee's ethnicity and heritage?

    Central Cee's background is an English mother and Guyanese-Chinese father, meaning he is of mixed ethnicity.

    When the rapper was seven, his parents separated and he began living with his mum and two younger brothers. One of his brothers is currently 19-years-old as of 2024.

    Central Cee pictured in 2023.
    Central Cee pictured in 2023. Picture: Getty
  2. When is Central Cee's birthday?

    Central Cee was born on 4 June 1998 in Ladbroke Grove and later moved to Shepherd's Bush, London.

    This makes him currently 26-years-old, and his astrological sign is a Gemini.

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    Central Cee scooped up two awards.
    Central Cee is a London-based rapper. . Picture: Getty
  3. Is Central Cee Muslim? What is Central Cee's Religion?

    Although Central Cee has never spoken publicly on his religious beliefs, fans have speculated that he is Muslim.

    In September 2023, the rapper uploaded a caption in Arabic to his Instagram, which translated to: "I seek refuge in Allah from the devil of the evil."

    The rapper also reportedly follows some Islamic pages on Instagram and TikTok, but he has never confirmed the news himself.

    Central Cee uploaded this image to Instagram.
    Central Cee uploaded this image to Instagram. Picture: Instagram
  4. What is Central Cee's real name?

    Despite going by the stage name Central Cee, this is not his real name.

    The rapper's birth name is Oakley Neil H.T Caesar-Su.

    He also reportedly has two younger brothers.

    Central Cee at Alexandra Palace earlier this year.
    Central Cee at Alexandra Palace earlier this year. Picture: Getty
  5. How tall is Central Cee in feet (ft)?

    The rapper's height is reportedly 5 foot 10 (177cm).

  6. What is Central Cee's Instagram?

    Cench's Instagram is simply @centralcee.

    At the time of writing, his following stands at over 11 million, where he posts snaps of his music career, holidays and personal life.

    The rapper does not have Twitter, but has TikTok.

    The rapper is active on Instagram.
    The rapper is active on Instagram. Picture: Instagram
  7. Who is Central Cee's girlfriend Madeline Argy?

    The rapper's girlfriend is Madeline Argy, a British influencer and TikToker.

    The pair have been dating since September 2022, and there were rumours circulating around Central Cee's new girlfriend, after he released his latest single 'Doja', which detailed lyrics about a new relationship.

    Now the pair are official, and feature frequently on each others social media accounts.

    The pair have been together for almost a year.
    The pair have been together for over a year. Picture: TikTok
    Madeline and Central Cee are rumoured to have been dating since Summer 2022.
    Madeline and Central Cee have been dating since Summer 2022. Picture: Instagram

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