Did Soulja Boy receive the first iPhone from Steve Jobs?

7 July 2021, 14:51

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Soulja Boy has claimed he was the first ever rapper to own an iPhone.

Soulja Boy has shocked fans, by saying he was the first rapper to ever have an iPhone.

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The rapper claims Steve Jobs gifted it to him personally.

Speaking during an interview for podcast 'Million Dollaz Worth Of Game' Soulja Boy said the iPhone was gifted to him during a music video shoot in 2007, making him the first rapper to own the iPhone.

The rapper said: "It was 'Crank That' video shoot 2007, Steve Jobs and the Apple team came.".

"I was in the swimming pool, doing the instructional dance. Showing the people how to do the dance." He continued "They came, they brought me the iPhone.".

Sources have even shown early videos of Soulja Boy with an iPhone.

Sources have supported the claims, saying although the rapper may not have been the very first to have the iPhone, he may have been one of the first.

Cult of Mac asked the 'Crank That' video director Dale Resteghini about the video; which he confirmed was shot on July 17, 2007

This would be roughly two weeks after the iPhone went on sale in America.

Owning an iPhone is not the only thing the rapper has claimed to have done first; it has become a running trend on Twitter that Soulja has coined many things in the rap community.

Another thing Soulja Boy claims to have done first is signing a dog to his label, tweeting: "First rapper to sign a dog. Welcome Swaggy to sodmg records his new album drops this summer".

He also claims he was the first rapper to own a multi-coloured Rolex watch.

Soulja also claims he was the "first rapper with blonde hair and the nike air mags" as well as "the first rapper on YouTube".

Fans were also delighted to learn that he was the first rapper to go live with Nicki Minaj.

Some other things the rapper has claimed to have done first are "owning an orange Bentley", "make a song about Bitcoin" and " be verified on cash app".

Apple have not commented on whether Soulja Boy was in fact the first rapper with an iPhone.

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