Soulja Boy divides fans as rapper removes his face tattoos

27 July 2020, 17:40

Soulja Boy divides fans as rapper removes his face tattoos
Soulja Boy divides fans as rapper removes his face tattoos. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Rapper Soulja Boy has shocked fans after debuting his face without tattoos in a new video.

By Tiana Williams

Soulja Boy's fans were in for a total shock, when the rapper debuted a new look during a recent selfie video. The 29-year-old rapper shared a video of himself without his face tattoos.

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A video of the "Crank That" rapper circulated on social media, with many fans in disbelief over the rappers appearance.

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In the video, Soulja is seen in a plain white T-Shirt, with a diamond encrusted chaps chain on and blonde highlights in his dreads.

The look is very different for Soulja, but the thing that shocked fans the most was the fact most of his face tattoos are gone.

Back in 2016, the "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" spoke about wanting to remove the tattoos.

During the Say Cheese TV show, Soulja revealed that he got his first face tattoo when he was around 16.

He added that he just got carried away and got more tattoos, although his mother did not approve.

Soulja Boy revealed that he wanted to get his tattoos removed as he believed he'd be type-casted as a gangster or street dude in his future acting career.

Soulja Boy: "Im removing my face tattoos for movies & TV Shows"

The Chicago rapper also detailed the process of tattoo removal and said that it would take him several sessions to get them all removed.

In 2017, Soulja also told VladTV that he got his first face tattoo after he made his first million as he felt like he'd never have to get a regular job again.

See the reactions to Soulja Boy's new look below.

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