Luis Morrison ‘dumped by secret girlfriend’ he was dating before Love Island All Stars

26 January 2024, 16:03

Luis and Demi share their first kiss

By Anna Suffolk

It is said that Luis Morrison's 'secret girlfriend' from outside the Love Island All Stars villa has dumped him on his return to the UK.

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Dumped Love Island All Stars contestant Luis Morrison is said to have been dumped by his 'secret girlfriend' from before the villa ahead of his return to the UK.

Whilst he was on the show, his two ex-girlfriends and baby mums blasted Luis for having a 'secret girlfriend', and claimed he told her to "pretend he was acting in a movie" whilst being on the reality show.

However, it seems now that Luis' 'secret girlfriend' got in contact with his exes Cally Jane Beech and Chloe Elizabeth whilst he was in the villa and has reportedly dumped him.

Luis first appeared in 2015.
Luis first appeared in the first season of Love Island in 2015. Picture: ITV

A source tells this publication that Luis told his secret girlfriend, who he met in early 2023, to keep quiet about the relationship during his appearance on All Stars.

An insider said: "Cally and Chloe have offered her their support and been there as a shoulder to cry on.

"She explained she has been hurt by him hooking up with Demi and shocked by the stories about him not paying child maintenance."

Luis and Demi have found a connection in the villa.
Luis and Demi have found a connection in the villa. Picture: ITV

The source continued: "Luis told her he was going onto Love Island but had no intention of them breaking up. He told her to pretend he was just acting in a movie. 

"Having a break away from him while he was in the villa gave her the space she needed to find the courage to break up with him."

Luis has two children with Cally Jane Beech and Chloe Elizabeth, and they have not stayed quiet about his appearance on Love Island.

Luis and Cally came fourth in the first season of Love Island.
Luis and Cally came fourth in the first season of Love Island. Picture: ITV

Cally, who Luis reached the final of Love Island series one with him, knows his new connection Demi Jones, and Demi said on TikTok live that: "I sort of knew the situation but I didn't know all the ins and outs of the other stuff and also I'm not one to pry. He's got a lot on his plate."

Luis and new flame Demi have said they "have already arranged our first date" a week after leaving the villa together to "go out for drinks and go out clubbing with our friends after."

Meanwhile, Chloe Elizabeth has blasted Luis on social media for allegedly having a girlfriend prior to his All Stars appearance, commenting on a TikTok that: "[Luis] told her to just think of it just like he's in a movie and he'll be back with her."

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