Kourtney Kardashian SLAMMED online over 'sustainable collab' with fast fashion brand Boohoo

7 September 2022, 10:52

Kourtney Kardashian shows off glam for project

Kourtney Kardashian has been named fashion brand Boohoo's 'sustainability ambassador', much to the dismay of fans.

Kourtney Kardashian has announced that she has been appointed as a 'sustainability ambassador' for fast fashion brand Boohoo, and social media is not happy.

The partnership between the reality star and the fashion brand is focused on sustainable clothing and she will launch two collections.

After the collaboration was announced on social media, fans were quick to call out Kourt over the ironic link between sustainability and the brand for their fast fashion practices.

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The 43-year-old reality star said in a statement to announce the collection: "When Boohoo first approached me with this idea that was all about sustainability and style, I was concerned about the effects of the fast fashion industry on our planet."

"There's still lots of work to be done and improvements to be made, but I truly believe that any progress we can make when it comes to sustainability is a step in the right direction and will open up the conversation for future advancements," Kardashian continued.

Social media pointed out the irony between Kardashian, Boohoo and its drive for sustainable practices, and called out the Kardashian's notoriety for flying on private jets and being environmentally unfriendly.

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Kourtney pictured recently at husband Travis Barker's show.
Kourtney pictured recently at husband Travis Barker's show. Picture: Instagram

One social media user summed up her thoughts and said: "A private-jetting Kardashian worth $65 million is now 'sustainability ambassador' for fossil fuel fashion brand boohoo, where she'll chat 'with sustainability experts to better understand challenges and opportunities in the fashion industry.' We absolutely KANNOT."

Another said that Kourtney's new role as 'sustainability ambassador' was "the joke of the day", and pointed out the irony of the family and the fast fashion brand coming together as environmentally conscious.

Boohoo released a promotional video on their YouTube channel of Kourtney talking to experts and her friends about the goals she has for the collaboration.

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"Reusing, repurposing, like I don't have all the answers but just like opening up to have these conversations and get it started is really important," Kardashian said.

She continued: "I am so excited to share everything that I've been learning on this journey with the world and just trying to broaden the conversation and hopefully make a difference."

In 2019, Boohoo was named one of the least sustainable fashion brands by the UK Parliament Environmental Audit Committee.

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Kourtney is married to Travis Barker, a drummer for Blink-182. Picture: Getty Images

Since then, the brand have strived to have a 'clear strategy' for their sustainable practices and this move seems to be part of it.

The Kardashian family have come under fire for their unsustainable antics recently, as sister Kylie was slammed for flying a mere thirty minutes on her private jet.

Kim Kardashian was was called out for excessively using water despite an LA drought.

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