Kim Kardashian labelled 'selfish' for going TRIPLE over water budget during drought

23 August 2022, 13:13

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Kim Kardashian is facing backlash for going over her water budget amid a drought in California.

Kim Kardashian has been called out for her excessive water usage in her California mansion despite a drought in her state.

Alongside her sister Kourtney Kardashian, the reality star is among a group of 2000 residents of California who has gone over the limit.

Her Hidden Hills house has hit 150% of its water allocation on more than four occasions, and has received "notices of exceedance" from the water district.

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Kim's house is rumoured to be worth around $60 million
Kim's house is rumoured to be worth around $60 million. Picture: Instagram

The Kardashians star has been slammed across social media for being "selfish" after using excessive amounts of water despite a drought in California.

A Twitter user hit back at Kardashian and said: "Between Kim Kardashian using all of this water and her sister taking those 10 minute flights, these sisters are wasteful, selfish climate criminals."

Kim and her sisters have come under fire recently for their environmentally damaging antics, including their use of private jets.

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Kim's sister Kylie has also come under fire for her not so environmentally friendly antics
Kim's sister Kylie has also come under fire for her not so environmentally friendly antics. Picture: Getty Images

Kim's sister Kylie came under fire for taking a 17-minute flight last month, despite the copious amount of Co2 emissions that would have been produced from this.

Their multi-million dollar homes are now subject to the instillation of restrictor devices that dramatically reduces the flow of water to the property of customers who refuse to stick to the water district's rules.

The Times says that the two properties owned by Kim Kardashian, her home and a plot, exceeded their June budget by around 232,000 gallons.

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