21 of 'Drake The Type Of Guy' Memes That Are Going Viral

26 April 2024, 14:31

Drake’s son wishes him a happy birthday in adorable clip

These hilarious 'Drake is the type of guy to' memes will make you laugh!

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Drake is a superstar musician and rapper, who has just recently released his album 'For All The Dogs' to fan and critical claim.

He is also active on social media, and even Drake is not safe from fans turning him into a meme. Recently Drake has been caught up in some pretty major rap beef with J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Future & Metro Boomin over diss tracks.

Several memes of Drake are ingrained in popular culture, and Drizzy 'being the type of guy to' memes are one of the funniest! Here's a roundup of our favourite Drake memes.

Fans had a lot to say over Drake's new selfie.
Drake is known for his quirky personality. . Picture: Instagram
  1. @KernalHispanic
    @KernalHispanic. Picture: Reddit
  2. @ramseyyyyyyyy
    @ramseyyyyyyyy. Picture: Reddit
  3. @challenger_black
    @challenger_black. Picture: Reddit
  4. @jaimebaelish69
    @jaimebaelish69. Picture: Reddit
  5. @Interesting_County_1
    @Interesting_County_1. Picture: Reddit
  6. @aghostinthedark
    @aghostinthedark. Picture: Reddit
  7. @suitable_aioli213
    @suitable_aioli213. Picture: Reddit
  8. @Kernalhispanic
    @Kernalhispanic. Picture: Reddit
  9. @suitable_aioli213
    @suitable_aioli213. Picture: Reddit
  10. @suitable_aioli23
    @suitable_aioli23. Picture: Reddit
  11. @cassowaryy
    @cassowaryy. Picture: Reddit
  12. @freshtater
    @freshtater. Picture: Reddit

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