Central Cee Debut Album: Name, Release Date, Tracklist, Features & More

16 May 2024, 14:08

Central Cee Debut Album: Name, Release Date, Tracklist, Features & More
Central Cee Debut Album: Name, Release Date, Tracklist, Features & More. Picture: Getty Images / Instagram

By Anna Suffolk

Is Central Cee's debut album called 'CRG' and does Dave feature on it? Here's everything we know including release date, track list and more.

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Central Cee has made his mark as one of the UK's most successful rappers following the chart topping hits 'Sprinter' and 'Doja', but has yet to officially release a debut album.

The 25-year-old rapper has released numerous mixtapes and EPs, but has not labelled any as an album, meaning that a debut album will be on its way.

He has started teasing a debut album, possibly called 'CRG' recently, so here's everything we know about Central Cee's rumoured upcoming release, including track list and features.

Central Cee scooped up two awards.
Central Cee is rumoured to be releasing his debut album soon. . Picture: Getty

What is Central Cee's debut album called?

So far, Central Cee has not officially revealed what the name of his album will be, but there have been lots of rumours circulating across the internet and social media.

'CRG', which stands for 'Can't Rush Greatness', is a strong contender for the album title name after teasing 'CRG' in an Instagram caption.

Cench has been in the scene for over half a decade, so we can't wait for more news on the rappers new music.

Both Dave and Central Cee have been nominated in this category.
Cench and Dave are rumoured to be working on another project together. . Picture: Client

When is Central Cee's album being released?

There has not been an official release date for a new Central Cee project, so we can only speculate when this drop might be.

Considering the rapper has started to tease a new release, here's hoping it will drop in 2024, but his debut may be coming a little later in 2025.

What is the track list to Central Cee's album and does it have any features?

So far, there isn't a track list to Cench's album, but keep this page bookmarked as it will be updated in due course.

However, that hasn't stopped fans from sleuthing into possible features, after Cench has teased an Ice Spice collab, and possible songs with Nemzzz and Drake.

Fans have theorised that longtime collaborator and fellow UK rapper Dave has helped produce or may appear in the album after the pair were pictured at the studio together.

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