Drake fans debate whether he's 'bigger than Michael Jackson in his peak'

21 September 2021, 13:59

Fat Joe calls Drake 'the Michael Jackson of this time' as he speaks to Rick Ross

Fans are debating the two music stars influence.

Fans on Twitter have erupted after Drake was compared to Michael Jackson.

The Tweet asked social media users whether Drake is bigger than Michael Jackson in his prime, causing opinions to fly.

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Drake himself even recently compared himself to Michael Jackson on track 'You Only Live Twice' on his latest album Certified Lover Boy, where he said: "Not sure if you know but I'm actually Michael Jackson".

However some fans seem to disagree.

The Toronto rapper compared himself to MJ
The Toronto rapper compared himself to MJ. Picture: Getty

The conversation got started when one tweeter wrote: "Is Drake in 2021 bigger than Michael Jackson at his peak".

Fans almost immediately started to defend their favourites, with a mix of opinions on the matter.

One quote tweet blew up, as it showed a video of a crowd of thousands that came together outside of a hotel MJ was staying at.

The fans swarmed the streets trying to get a glimpse of the icon whilst the late legend took to the balcony to wave hello to his adoring supporters.

Another fan simply wrote: "this disrespectful to MJ delete this bro".

However, another fan argued in favour of the Toronto rapper - saying: "Drake has already surpassed MJ in popularity".

Another fan contradicted this opinion, writing: "Mj sold 7 million copies first week in an era where you had to physically go to a store and buy a cd."

Concluding: "Drake is never touching those numbers bruh".

Another fan even went on to compare Drake to Eminem, writing: "Drake ain't even half as big as Eminem was at his peak let alone the biggest artist ever Michael Jackson.".

To which another tweeter responded: "Half... that’s a stretch".

One fan wrote: "Drake is literally beyond clear of MJ".

However another fan suggested whilst he hasn't resaved the 'Thriller' icon's levels yet, he does have the potential, saying:

"Drake’s Good, But Not Good Enough…Yet".

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