People are comparing Beyoncé and Drake's new music and the memes are hilarious

22 June 2022, 16:13

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The music maestros are bringing the 'oontz oontz' all summer

Drake and Beyoncé have both dropped new summer anthems in the form of house bangers.

Drizzy released Honestly Nevermind this month and Beyoncé dropped her highly anticipated new solo single 'BREAK MY SOUL' this week.

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Due to songs' roots in house and 'oontz oontz' music, fans have been notably comparing the two artists, and the memes to go with it are genius.

Beyonce and Drake meet at the Grammy Awards
Beyonce and Drake meet at the Grammy Awards. Picture: Getty Images

Beyoncé dropped her new song to humble Drake according to some fans...

Clearly they believe in Beyoncé supremacy. After all, she is dropping her first solo album since 2016's Lemonade next month...

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Another has compared Beyoncé and Drake's surprise new releases to absent musicians Frank Ocean and Rihanna.

Please come back guys we MISS you. A crumb of new music is enough.

The musicians are bringing back Summer '16 and the vibes are immaculate!

Another commented that the rebirth of Summer 16 is upon us. Inject it.

What did DJ Drama say about Drake and his ex-wife, Summer P Walker?

'Oontz oontz' is back and what a summer it will be.

Drizzy's new album is perfect for a pub garden in the sunshine.

There must be more to the story?

Apparently Drake released his album early in order to get it out before Beyoncé's new drop...

Summer 2022 is for the hot girls only!

I need to hear BREAK MY SOUL in a club immediately.

Some Drake and Beyoncé fans are new to house music.

Some fans think that their new styles of music will take some adjusting to.

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