What does 'oontz oontz' mean? And how are Drake and Beyoncé involved?

22 June 2022, 11:58 | Updated: 22 June 2022, 13:09

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As the summer months draw nearer, 2022 has brought some unexpected music genres back in full throttle.

‘Oontz oontz’ music is officially back with Drake dropping his new album Honestly, Nevermind, as well as Beyoncé’s first single ‘BREAK MY SOUL’ off her upcoming release ‘Renaissance’.

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So, what exactly is ‘oontz oontz’ music? And why are Beyoncé and Drake involved? ‘Oontz oontz’ music is a mixture of house and club music, with an electronic beat.

Drake. Picture: Getty Images

It typically features a steady backbeat driven by a kick drum and a hi-hat.

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Drake - Falling Back

This type of music is shaping up to be the backdrop to this summer thanks to both Drake and Beyoncé releasing house-inspired tunes ready for the summer months.

Drake dropped Honestly, Nevermind this month, which featured 13 tracks of all the ‘oontz oontz’ needed for a summer of vibes.

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This week, Beyoncé released a surprise new track called ‘BREAK MY SOUL’ from her new album Renaissance, released late July.

It featured every inch of oontz, by sampling New Orleans bounce music as well as taking inspiration from Robin S’s late 90’s banger ‘Show Me Love’.

Judging by how immaculate the vibes are for this summer by the tunes already released, it is looking to be a vibey one.

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