What did DJ Drama say about Drake and his ex-wife, Summer P Walker?

11 May 2022, 17:16

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Who is Summer P Walker? What has DJ Drama said about his ex-wife and Drake?

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DJ Drama revealed some shocking information about Drake on the Drink Champs podcast, alleging the rapper slept with one of his girlfriends.

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Following DJ Drama's interview on The Breakfast Club, where he spoke out about his beef with Meek Mill and Drake, he had more to share about the Canadian rapper.

During the interview, the American record producer and DJ revealed that he and Drake had a "small talk", but have not seen each other since the “tiff”.

In 2015, Philly rapper Meek thought that Drake was dissing him on his song R.I.C.O, but DJ Drama told Meek that Drake wasn’t dissing him as they weren’t his bars.

Drake rapped about DJ Drama&squot;s ex-wife, Summer P Walker, in his song "I&squot;m The Plug" featuring Future.
Drake rapped about DJ Drama's ex-wife, Summer P Walker, in his song "I'm The Plug" featuring Future. Picture: Getty

Drake received huge backlash for this as people accused him of having a ghostwriter.

However, that is not the only Drake drama that the DJ revisited. In a teaser clip, DJ Drama is seen addressing rumours that Drake slept with his ex-wife...But what actually happened between the two?

  1. What did DJ Drama say about Drake?

    On Wednesday (Mar 17) a teaser clip was shared of DJ Drama on the Drink Champs podcast, where he alleges Drake had sex with his ex-girlfriend.

    In the clip, host N.O.R.E says to DJ Drama “Drake smashed your girl” to which he laughed and nodded in agreement.

    While DJ Drama did not reveal the name of the woman Drake allegedly slept with, fans are convinced it's his ex-wife Summer P Walker.

    This is due to Drake's lyrics from his song "I'm The Plug" with Future, where he name drops Summer P Walker.

    Drake raps: "If you come here trying to take some/ There’s a lot more where that came from/And it really ain’t no thing, I got Summer P in this thing".

    During the full interview, DJ Drama explained to N.O.R.E. that it was a misconception that Drake had sexual relations with his girlfriend while they were together.

    However, he did say that he did "share women" with Drake.

    He added "We have women in common," Drama clarified. "The conversation was about a particular female at the time. She's a great woman, honestly."

    Drama continued "He knew her years prior to me and her hooked up and everything. There was never any overlap..."

    "That situation had nothing to do with wound up happening with Meek, Quentin, Drake and myself," he added.

  2. Who is Summer P Walker?

    Summer P Walker is an entrepreneur, artist, creative director and designer.

    She is the CEO of the interior design company 'You’re Safe Here'.

    Summer P Walker
    Summer P Walker. Picture: Instagram

    On Instagram, she goes by the name of @summersecuresthebag and has over 52,000 followers.

    She is also active on Twitter under the name @summerwalker.

    Walker is also DJ Drama's ex-wife.

    In 2015, Walker and Drama went back and forth on Twitter over alleged missed alimony payments.

    At the time, Walker wrote "Or how you told me that you gave Meek Drake's reference tracks to make him feel better about Quinten not wanting to work with him? @djdrama"

    Summer Walker and DJ Drama publicly hit out against each other on Twitter amid their divorce in 2015.
    Summer Walker and DJ Drama publicly hit out against each other on Twitter amid their divorce in 2015. Picture: Instagram

    She continued "Smh kept saying you love Drake as you told me your side but you don't shit on one friend to make another friend feel better".

    In another tweet, Walker wrote "It's due on 1st. Also I'm guessing you don't want to talk about going to counseling to get back together? @djdrama I can show that email too".

    DJ Drama responded "The 1st was a Sunday. Your alimoney will be paid tomorrow. @summerwalker . Cool?".

    Summer P Walker has not been active on Instagram since her last post on June 25th 2020. In the post, the star reflected on her life and opened up in a heartfelt paragraph. Check it out above.

  3. Have DJ Drama and Drake ended the beef?

    On Friday (May 6) DJ Drama addressed the current state oof his and Drake's relationship.

    Following the release of Jack Harlow's album, one fan wrote on Twitter: "Surprised Drake gave jack that feature, know he don’t f**k with dj drama".

    DJ Drama replied confirming that his and Drake's beef is a thing of the past.

    He responded: "We gotta stop this narrative lol. Me & Drake been put that to rest. Grown men sh*t, and beyond that Jack & Drake cultivated they own relationship. Now erybody go stream that “Churchill Downs”!!"

The full episode to the DJ Drama Drinks Champs interview aired on RevoltTV on Thursday (Mar 18).

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