SZA opens up about reversing cosmetic surgery after ‘painful experience’

14 March 2024, 15:55

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By Anna Suffolk

SZA has spoken about why she decided to get her breast implants removed.

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SZA has revealed the reason she has reversed some of her cosmetic surgery, including her breast implants, following a "painful" health scare.

The Grammy-award winning singer appeared on 'SHE MD' podcast, with Mary Alice Haney and Dr. Thais Aliabadi, who says SZA is one of her patients.

She recounted her experience about undergoing breast augmentation surgery and her experience with the eventual removal of the implants due to a health scare.

SZA got candid about her plastic surgery experience.
SZA got candid about her plastic surgery experience. Picture: Getty

SZA revealed her doctor "was telling me all these things about, like, my testosterone levels and PCOS [polycystic ovary syndrome], and all these things that I was plagued with but didn't really know what was actually happening to me."

Her surgeon and podcast host added that SZA had a fibroadenoma, which is a harmless lump on her breast, which meant her breast enhancement ended up "hurting me."

She continued that her implants did not last long, and had them removed shortly after.

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SZA spoke about about getting her breast implants removed. . Picture: Client

"So basically, I put them in. They ended up hurting me. I got way too much scar tissue ... I didn't feel good and it was painful, so I took them out," she said.

"I have markers in my breast, like metal markers in my breast for fibrosis, for these lumps," said SZA. "I'm not supposed to be getting breast implants."

"They ended up hurting me," the 34-year-old singer continued. "I got way too much scar tissue because my breasts are too dense...and so, I ended up getting extra fibrosis."

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Although fibrosis is not cancerous, the singer added that her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her aunt had a mastectomy.

This is not the first time SZA has opened up about her plastic surgery experiences, after telling Elle last year that she got a BBL as she "always wanted a really fat ass with less gym time."

"I didn't succumb to industry pressure," she clarified. "I succumbed to my own eyes in the mirror and being like, 'No, I need some more ass.'"

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