Ray J leaks snippets from alleged sex tape contract with Kim Kardashian

14 September 2022, 14:30 | Updated: 14 September 2022, 14:37

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Ray J claims that Kim Kardashian's handwriting is on the contract she signed regarding the infamous sex tape that was released back in 2007.

Ray J has sparked another feud with Kim Kardashian after he leaked excerpts of the alleged sex tape contract.

The pair dated over 15 years ago, and Ray J has now claimed that Kris Jenner oversaw the release of the tape with an adult film company.

TMZ has also found documents that claim that the tape made more than a million dollars in the first six weeks of release.

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Ray J and Kim Kardashian dated in the early 2000's.
Ray J and Kim Kardashian dated in the early 2000's. Picture: Getty Images

In a 44-minute video posted to his Instagram account, Ray J even claimed that there were multiple different sex tapes - and Kris picked the final tape.

The situation is messy and complicated - Ray J then shared old texts between him and Kanye West, and the two discuss the tape and the 'contracts' between him and the Kardashians.

He then showed private DM's that he had sent Kim K - with the main takeaway saying "You know what you did."

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Ray J alleges that Kim Kardashian handwrote this.
Ray J alleges that Kim Kardashian handwrote this. Picture: Instagram

Kim responded to the DM's and spoke about the infamous scene in The Kardashians where Kanye returns the computer that contains the alleged remaining tape.

The reality star said that she wanted no 'drama at home' from the situation and said "just be positive and only do good dope s**t."

Ray J's influx of information about the 15-year-old tape came after Kris Jenner undertook a lie detector segment with James Corden, and it was proven that she did not release the tape according to the detector.

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The 41-year-old also claimed that although Kris allegedly watched the three tapes and decided which one to release, her signature did not appear in the contract.

He said that Kardashian's handwriting was on the contract with the adult company describing the sex tapes.

Kim is yet to respond to these allegations regarding her handwriting and the contract she is claimed to have signed.

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