Kris Jenner reveals she wants another boob job after having hip replacement surgery

13 October 2022, 16:20

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As well as undergoing surgery for a hip replacement, Kris Jenner hinted that she also wants to undergo some cosmetic procedures.

Kris Jenner revealed that she has been eyeing up a boob job and face lift after undergoing emergency surgery for a hip replacement.

On the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kris Jenner sees a doctor after complaining of hip pain and ultimately agrees to the procedure of a hip replacement.

The Kardashian-Jenner matriarch, 66, has previously spoken frankly about the work she has had under the knife including a boob job and reduction, but now wants another breast enlargement.

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Kris is mother to six children.
Kris is mother to six children. Picture: Getty

During a frank conversation with her daughter Kim asks if there were any other cosmetic procedures she would like to have done.

"I'd love to have my boobs re-done, I mean, who wouldn't?" Kris said.

Kris continued: "Khloe says that once she's in there, to have all of the doctors, 'line up like a NASCAR cockpit or whatever it's called.'"

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Kris at fashion week recently.
Kris at fashion week recently. Picture: Getty Images

Kris revealed in the episode that she needs a hip replacement immediately, and adds that she doesn't want the surgery any older as healing would be harder.

"It's just a mindf**k,"Jenner says, adding, 'You realise you don't have that much more time. Suddenly I can't do all the things", Kris reveals through tears.

"My hip goes out, my knee is torn, I have an eye infection, I can't see, I have the TV up too loud, Corey says I can't hear. I feel like Humpty Dumpty," Kris tells her family.

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Kris adds that getting older makes her "deeply sad and emotional" to think about.

Jenner, 66, has already had a breast enlargement in the 80's and had them reduced a few years ago as she "felt they were too big".

Kris previously went under the knife on camera in 2011 on an episode of KUWTK to undergo a neck lift and has had numerous other surgeries to maintain her youthful looks.

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