Kevin Hart has announced his retirement date

20 August 2021, 14:48

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Kevin Hart has announced the date that he plans to retire.

Fans are shocked that comedian and actor Kevin Hart has announced the date that he plans to retire.

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The star broke the news during an interview with actor Bryan Cranston.

Kevin Hart is best known for his comedy genius, having won several 'People's Choice' awards, as well as an MTV 'Comedic Genius' award.

The star has also made a huge Hollywood career - having starred in films such as 'Think Like a Man' and Netflix hit 'Fatherhood'.

FATHERHOOD starring Kevin Hart | Official Trailer | Netflix

However, the father of four has already decided that he will soon be finishing his career.

Speaking on Hart's chat-show, Bryan said: "If I get to the point I can’t memorize my lines, I’m not going to be an actor on stage with ear buds in [feeding me lines],".

To which Kevin responded: ""Here’s the difference. I have an end date. I already have it in my head.".

Kevin Hart has won many awards
Kevin Hart has won many awards. Picture: Getty

He continued: "I’m thinking about the day that I shut it off, but the part that I shut off is my personal investment.".

"The machine should still be able to run from everything I’ve put into it, but I do have a date in time.".

Cranston responded, saying: "Are you saying that you will completely walk away? You won’t be going in but you are gone moving in a different direction?".

Kevin and Bryan both starred in 'The Upside'.
Kevin and Bryan both starred in 'The Upside'. Picture: Getty

Kevin then finally revealed a date, saying: "50 years old. My date is 50.".

Hart will hit this age on July 6, 2029; meaning fans have a few more years to enjoy him and what he chooses to bring to the industry.

The full interview can be seen on Kevin Hart's talk show 'Hart to Hart' which airs on Peacock TV.

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