Justin Bieber's dreadlocks resurface in new music video

18 August 2021, 16:24

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Justin Bieber fans are panicking as he has appeared with dreadlocks, again.

Justin Bieber fans are worried he will get criticised - again; after he has seen sporting dreadlocks in the video for his new song with Skrillex.

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Justin was previously accused of cultural appropriation.

Fans have erupted on social media as Skrillex has released a preview of his upcoming video featuring Justin Bieber, who was previously criticised for wearing his hair in dreadlocks.

The 'Peaches' star debuted his hairstyle in April 2021 on his Instagram and subsequently received backlash.

Dreadlocks hold deep significance in Rastafarian culture and so Bieber was accused of committing cultural appropriation.

However, the hairstyle has appeared again on the Internet - as it seems a video Justin recorded at the time is due to be released.

American DJ Skrillex dropped a teaser for the track featuring Justin and Don Toliver on Twitter - which he captioned: "Friday" followed by the eyes emoji.

However, fans seemed to be too panicked over Justin's look to care about the upcoming music.

One fan quoted the tweet, saying: "Not that hair".

Another fan said: "@Skrillex sorry the dreads ruined everything. it won't work"

One Tweeter even asked for the video to be re-shot, saying: "Re shoot the mv please @Skrillex. Justin won't listen to us but if you tell him he will".

Justin is yet to speak out about the backlash he received over his dreadlocks.

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