Drake '8AM in Charlotte' Lyrics Meaning Revealed

6 October 2023, 10:16 | Updated: 6 October 2023, 17:02

Drake shows off basketball skills

What are the lyrics for Drake's song '8AM In Charlotte'? We have you covered!

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Drake has dropped a song titled '8AM In Charlotte', which is a track on his album 'For All The Dogs'.

The video stars his son, Adonis Graham, where he explains an illustration he drew for his father. Adonis also made the album cover for his upcoming album 'For All The Dogs'.

So, what are the lyrics for Drake's song '8am In Charlotte' off of his new album 'For All The Dogs'? Here's the rundown of everything you need to know.

Drake's album cover for 'For All The Dogs'.
Drake's album cover for 'For All The Dogs'. Picture: OVO Sound

Does '8AM In Charlotte' reference the city of Charlotte, North Carolina?

Despite the title of the song, the song does not actually mention the city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

What is Drake's New Song About?

The song and the drawing is perhaps a metaphor of Drake’s own life journey.

The goat represents Drake, and the monsters and animals represents the challenges that Drake has faced. The flower on fire represents a difficult situation that Drake has had to overcome.

The racing car represents someone who has helped Drake along the way (via. Genius).

Adonis is now five years old.
Adonis is Drake's son . Picture: Instagram

Here are the full lyrics for '8AM In Charlotte':

[Skit: Drake & Adonis Graham]

Alright, Adonis, tell me about your beautiful piece of artwork that you sold me

So, it's the same story

So, the goat was running away from the other mon- from the other monsters, and, and the other animals

And, um, a flower blocking the way

Um, so, the flower's on fire

The racing car was maybe helping the goat

And there was this, some stairs, who's like a jail stairs

And there was, and there was, um, one person who was like, on top and he got killed by the stai-by the trap

Okay, so it's almost like a little story?


And what is SBW?

So, i-it's not a word, but I just wanted to write SBW

Okay, you like those letters?


And what, and-and Daddy's name is next to the goat, does that mean that he's the G.O.A.T.?

Yes, so it's Daddy Goat

Daddy Goat? Yeah

That makes perfect sense to me

And you wanna, you wanna talk about how much, how much money you got for your beautiful drawing?

Oh, please (*Laughter*)


(Conductor, we)


I'm out here on the road

You can hear it in the voice

Ah-em, still get this sh*t off, though


[Verse 1]

The money speakin' for itself, I call it fortune-tell

Fire top from a b*tch that work in corporate sales

Chinchilla ushanka, we skiin' out in Courchevel

Breakin' news, they tried to kill him, but the boy prevails

I leave for tour and my n****s fuckin' go to jail

Preachin' to the dogs 'bout wantin' more for themselves

It's weighin' heavy on my moral scale

Knowin' they gon' sell another citizen 'cane, they think they Orson Welles

Walk in Chanel, they like, "How the f*ck you need more Chanel?"

I got these cats tuckin' tails on fourth-quarter sales

I'm used to seein' tears drop over enormous meals

The restaurant clears out faint echoes of Lauryn Hill

I say, "We gotta talk about us," I feel like Jordan Peele

Could tell I'm gettin' under your skin like a orange peel

'Cause your words don't match your actions like a foreign film

And now it's silence in the Lamb' like the horror film

Things get quiet after me statin' the obvious

Things get kinky after fifteen years of dominance

That October sky is lookin' ominous

The money is autonomous

Shout to Oliver North, he out in Rome doin' Toronto sh*t

And Jeremiah the watchdog, you n****s know what time it is

I'm in and out of Houston Hobby so much, I'm a hobbyist

H*es waitin' on Cench in the lobby, that boy a lobbyist

Savage got a green card straight out of the consulate

Where I go, you go, brother, we Yugoslavian

Formal is the dress code, dawg, so many checks owed

I feel Czechoslovakian, n***a, what the f*ck?


Nah, I'm movin' different right now, for real, like

I feel like if Mike switched out the glove for the pen, like

This sh*t just too enticing right now, you know?


[Verse 2]

Diamonds do the silly dance, I raise up the wine glass

Metal detectors beepin', and security bypass

The numbers goin' up, someone pull up the line graph

The days are goin' by, it's like I'm livin' in time lapse

Been talkin' to Adel like he majored in finance

Shania Twain, notepad, I'm makin' it line-dance

You tryna rob me and it's gon' feel like you sittin' at your favorite restaurant, 'cause, n****, that's where you dyin' at

Mob ties, I swear we like a b*tch with fine sisters and fine cousins, the family all bad

I'm preachin' to the dawgs about cleanin' they images

I swear I'm like a young T.D. Jakes to my menaces

Long-kiss goodnight, PDA for my nemesis

Three hunnid acres, PGA on the premises

That's what's really brackin' like this verse in parenthesis

I'm givin' hits to n****s on some, don't even mention it


Like, don't even worry about it, like

You can hit me back whenever, or

Or don't, you know?

It is what it is, I guess

Yeah, hm


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