Michael B. Jordan's new waxwork has gone viral for all the wrong reasons

14 July 2022, 11:43

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Some fans have called this figure 'cursed' after the image went viral on Twitter.

Michael B. Jordan is usually known for his good looks and impressive acting skills. However, a recent waxwork of the actor has gone viral on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

A fan recently posed next to the waxwork and the jokes have been flying over the internet suggesting that the figure bares little resemblance to the star.

The tweet of the waxwork has gone viral, with almost more reactions in the form of quote retweets than replies.

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Michael B. Jordan pictured earlier this year
Michael B. Jordan pictured earlier this year. Picture: Getty Images

Fans have not held back with their reactions to the figure.

One called it 'Michael C. Jordan', and another called the waxwork 'Michael B. Skechers'.

Others have compared the waxwork to celebrities such as Chris Brown and Miguel.

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Actor Rome Flynn even got involved in the conversation, with the 'The Bold and the Beautiful' star saw the comparison between himself and the figure.

Michael recently split from his girlfriend Lori Harvey, after the pair removed all traces of each other on social media.

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The pair dated for over a year and split in June 2022
The pair dated for over a year and split in June 2022. Picture: Instagram

A source close to the ex-couple told the publication that they were 'completely heartbroken' about their break up and they 'still love' each other.

It is unknown where the waxwork is in the world, but one thing is for sure, it is an extremely cursed figure of the Creed star.

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