Julia Fox defends Kim Kardashian over Balenciaga controversy statement

29 November 2022, 12:28

Julia Fox goes on fiery rant in defense of Kim Kardashian

Julia Fox embarked on an Instagram rant over the Balenciaga controversy, where Kim Kardashian refused to cut ties with the brand.

Julia Fox has defended Kim Kardashian over her remarks made amid fashion house Balenciaga's controversial press campaign.

The brand included images of children carrying plush bears in bondage gear in a recent ad campaign, and Kim responded to the images saying that whilst she was 'disturbed' and 'shocked', she also refused to cut them off.

Instead, Kim is 're-evaluating' her relationship with the brand, and Fox has jumped to Kardashians defence over her statement.

Julia Fox claims she dated Kanye West to "get him off Kim's case"

Julia and Kanye dated for three months.
Julia and Kanye dated for three months. Picture: Getty Images

Fox, 31 briefly dated Kardashian's ex husband Kanye West, posted two TikTok videos on Monday and expressed her distaste towards "pushback on female stars associated to the brand" whilst declaring that "men are the issue."

The Uncut Gems actress appeared to be naked in the TikTok video where she defended Kardashian over her statement on the Balenciaga controversy.

This video came hours after Kim broke her silence over the controversy where she did not end her official partnership with them.

Kanye West's ex Julia Fox says she's been using billionaires and 'never loved any of them'

Julia appeared naked as she addressed the Balenciaga controversy.
Julia appeared naked as she addressed the Balenciaga controversy. Picture: TikTok

Julia captioned the video and said: "Respectfully I’ve never cashed a balenci check so pls keep me tf out it thanks!"

Fox said: "I'm seeing a lot of comments and tags, so first things first, I am not their spokesperson."

"have zero relationship with the brand, I've never even been to one of their shows. they haven't invited me... Regardless, I think it’s horrific and when I was reading and watching all the videos I literally felt sick to my stomach."

Julia Fox claims she "lost 15lb" during her relationship with Kanye West

Kim shares four children with Kanye West.
Kim shares four children with Kanye West. Picture: Instagram

Over the screen she wrote: "Why are women being blamed for a MAN'S mistake? It’s the internalized misogyny for me."

Kardashian, 42, spoke out about the controversial campaign on her Instagram stories earlier this week and expressed her shock towards the shoot.

Kim is a known collaborator with the fashion brand, and even walked with Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week this summer, which was documented on the season finale of The Kardashians last week.

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