What does the winner of Celebrity Big Brother get?

18 March 2024, 16:18

Will Best and AJ Odudu give Capital Xtra a Celebrity Big Brother house tour

By Anna Suffolk

What prize does the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2024 get? Here's everything you need to know.

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The end of ITV's Celebrity Big Brother for 2024 is drawing to a close, which has seen the likes of Marisha Wallace, Louis Walsh and David Potts live together in the house shut out from the outside world.

The final is in sight of CBB, and talk has turned to what prize the celebrity who wins receives.

In the civilian Big Brother, the winner gets a whopping £100,000, which was scooped up by Jordan Sangha last year. But what prize do contestants get on Celebrity Big Brother?

The CBB line up.
The CBB line up. Picture: ITV
  1. What prize does the winner of Celebrity Big Brother get?

    For 2024's season of Celebrity Big Brother, there is no additional cash prize on top of the flat fee the celebs have been paid for their appearance.

    Some seasons saw money being donated to a chosen charity of the winner's choice, however was scrapped in 2018.

    The winner instead will win bragging rights and assumedly some lucrative deals on the outside.

    Inside the full Celebrity Big Brother line-up
    Will and AJ host CBB. Picture: ITV

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