Stormzy 'Fire + Water' lyrics meaning explained

25 November 2022, 14:50 | Updated: 25 November 2022, 14:52

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Here's a breakdown of the lyrics to Stormzy's Fire + Water off his latest album.

Stormzy has just dropped his highly anticipated third album, ‘This is What I Mean’.

The album follows on from his 2019 album, ‘Heavy is the Head’, and features 12 brand new songs including track one, ‘Fire + Water’.

Big Mike has just released his third studio album titled ‘This is What I Mean’ today on 25 November, and has pleased fans with the first track, ‘Fire + Water’.

Stormzy new album 2022 'This Is What I Mean': release date, songs, tracklist, features & more

Stormzy has announced his only UK date next year.
Stormzy has released his latest album. . Picture: Press

The eight-minute-long track is a letter to his past lover, ex-girlfriend Maya Jama.

‘Fire + Water’ centres on his admiration for Maya and what life could have been like if their relationship had worked out.

The song furthers the speculations that the two are reconciling their relationship with them being spotted talking at the GQ Men of the Year 2022 Awards.

Stormzy and Maya Jama dated for four years until 2019.
The track is rumoured to be about the rapper and his ex Maya Jama. . Picture: Getty Images

Maya Jama responds to Stormzy romance rumours

Here is a breakdown for the lyrics to Stormzy’s ‘Fire + Water’

If your love is my Holy Water / Girl, just let me drown

Stormzy here is reflecting on his past relationship that failed and how his love for Maya was all-consuming and without her, his life is meaningless. The ‘Holy Water’ meant for purification and cleansing, instead has drowned him.

Stormzy has spoken about how his Christian faith has influenced this new album, and the reference to ‘Holy Water’ reinforces this statement.

Listenin’ to Lessons, that’s a lesson taught

This lyric refers to his song Lessons on his previous album, ‘Heavy is the Head’. Stormzy takes responsibility for the relationship break-down and acknowledges his past mistakes. He is being vulnerable in his lyrics and understands his wrongs.

Stormzy and Maya Jama split in 2019 after four years of dating after Stormzy's alleged infidelity in his relationship with the TV presenter. Lessons explicitly states that he experienced 'karma' for his wrongdoings.

This is the lyrics from Lessons in which Stormzy is referring to: Guess this is the karma for what I done to Maya.

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Stormzy and Maya Jama dated for years until they broke up in 2019.
Fire + Water name drops ex Maya Jama. . Picture: Getty Images

See the full lyrics to 'Fire + Water' below:

It's probably best we wait, it's probably best we found
A fire from this perfect match to burn us to the ground
And even though it's cold outside
It's probably best we pray
To lead us from this drought
If your love is my Holy Water
Girl, just let me drown
And even if you don't, it's fine I guess you got me figured out
We got that champagne love, don't let it fizzle out
I know I brought a world of pain you could've did without
If you was livin' with me then I'd probably get a bigger house
And we standin' by the water, do we drip or drown?
Running 'round in circles, bro, just let hеr walk
Listenin' to Lessons, that's a lesson taught
Sеcond guesses really got you havin' second thoughts
Second thoughts never hurt nobody, everybody has 'em
Give you orgasms, more than you can fathom
Think we missed the touch even more than we imagined
If I saw you right now, girl, I wonder what would happen?
Orange G-Wagon, you can park it on the drive
I was meant to be there when you're startin' up your life
You make your people proud, you're a star in all our eyes
With your apartment in the skies, I scarred you with my lies, the
Karma isn't nice, you said, "I hope it doubles back on you"
When I double back, I never double back to rattle you
Hate to see you leave but I love to see the back of you
I take you out to eat then after that I make a snack of you
I'll never put my hand on you, still the biggest fan of you
Good for me like collard greens, and runner beans and callaloo
Every single day I close my eyes and try to channel you
Drive through memory lane and then I see you by the avenue

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