Kanye West Responds After Snoop Dogg Savagely Claims Drake Dated Kim Kardashian

22 October 2018, 12:30

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Snoop Dogg
Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Snoop Dogg. Picture: Getty

Kanye has attempted to end his feud with Snoop Dogg following Drake's song 'In My Feelings'...

Kanye West has responded after Snoop Dogg brutally slammed his wife Kim Kardashian on Instagram.

The West Coast rapper went viral after claiming that Drake secretly slept with Kim Kardashian and rapped about it during his song ‘In My Feelings’.

Is Kim Kardashian The Real "Keke" From Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’?

After previously attempting to end their tensions, Kanye West has tried to end their feud again on social media.

Taking to Twitter, the ‘I Love It’ rapper posted a picture of himself wearing a t-shirt alongside the caption “All love.”

See the post below:

Kanye West
Kanye West. Picture: Instagram

Snoop Dogg is yet to respond to Kanye West’s post.

The rapper, who is angry with Kanye West over his support for Donald Trump, was fuelling the popular internet theory that Drake is referring to Kim Kardashian as Keke in the song ‘In My Feelings’.

Kim has previously denied all accusations however Drake is yet to address any of the speculation.

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