Kanye West slammed for wearing t-shirt of alleged sexual abuser Marilyn Manson's face

29 September 2021, 16:55

Kanye West has been slammed for repeatedly supporting the rockstar - who has been accused of sexual assault.

Kanye West has been slammed for sporting a T-Shirt with Marilyn Manson's face.

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The rapper recently featured the rock-star on his latest album, Donda.

Kanye West first caught heat when he brought out Manson alongside rapper DaBaby for his 'DONDA' listening party at Soldier Field in Chicago last month.

Manson then featured as a co-writer on the songs ‘Jail’ and ‘Jail Pt. 2’.

Manson and DaBaby joined Kanye at his listening party
Manson and DaBaby joined Kanye at his listening party. Picture: Getty

The apperance of the 52 year old rockstar was controversial as he has been accused of sexual assault, misconduct and abuse by multiple women in the past year.

He was also been accused by his former partner Evan Rachel Wood - whose allegations he denied, referring to them as “horrible distortions of reality”.

However, Kanye has not let allowed this backlash to change his support for the accused - as he has recently been spotted wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Manson's face.

The image shows him seated next to music mogul Diddy, who posted the picture on Instagram - captioned: "BILLY BOYZ! 🖤✨💫⚡️ @kanyewest".

Fans on Twitter have shared their thoughts on Kanye's choice of attire - with one fan saying: "i cant defend him for this outfit im sorry".

Another fan shared the same views, writing: "We stopped wearing Marilyn Manson shirts when we were like 15 it is just hard for me to accept this".

One tweeter even said: "Kanye just weird. now why would you wear that? I woulda been mad at my friend don’t be wearing that shit around me. I’ll smack you".

Some fans however, seemed to like the look - tweeting: "Need Ye's whole fit fr".

Another tweeter said: "this fit is chaotic but somehow looks good".

One sisal media user agreed, saying: "only kanye can get a pass with that fit".

Kanye is yet to speak on the backlash he has faced for supporting Marilyn Manson.

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