Chris Brown shares jaw-dropping Christmas gift from Usher

29 December 2020, 12:24 | Updated: 29 December 2020, 12:26

Chris Brown shares Usher's Christmas present to him
Chris Brown shares Usher's Christmas present to him. Picture: Getty

The singer took to Instagram to share a video of the massive gift he received from the OG R&B legend, Usher.

Chris Brown and Usher's friendship is one that their true fans admire. Although the two R&B legends are often compared and pit against each other in terms of talent, they don't let it bother them.

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The 30 year-old singer even shared what his good friend, Usher, gifted his for Christmas.

Taking to his Instagram story, Breezy let his fans know Usher was not playing when it came to gifting this year.

Usher gifts Chris Brown a motorbike for Christmas

On Monday (Dec 28) Brown took to his Instagram story to show off the massive motorbike he got delivered to his home.

In the video, Breezy can be heard saying "Wait, Usher done came through and hooked a n***a up," said Chris, while walking out to his driveway and showing off his brand new bike, alongside his speed-racing cars.

"Love you, boy. Merry Christmas." the star said at the end of the video.

Usher and Breezy have maintained a close friendship since Brown came on the scene. The pair have collaborated several times on hits such as “New Flame” and “Party.”

Usher and Chris Brown are two R&B artists who have previously collaborated
Usher and Chris Brown are two R&B artists who have previously collaborated. Picture: Getty

In a 2017 interview with the “Questlove Supreme” podcast, Usher admitted that he regretted not working with Chris sooner.

“There’s one thing in my career that I definitely regret, one thing,” he said. “And to this day I battle with it which is why I always show support of [Chris] whenever he asks.”

R&B fans have been asking for a Verzuz battle between Chris and Usher, but Chris humbly declined.

“Only vs ima do is CHRIS BROWN VS CHRIS BREEZY… not in competition with nobody but myself…” Brown wrote on IG.

Chris Brown declines doing a Verzuz battle with Usher
Chris Brown declines doing a Verzuz battle with Usher. Picture: Instagram

Last weekend, Chris Brown commented on his ex-girlfriend, Ammika Harris' racy photo, showing he's still interested in her. The star wrote "A ting!" on her picture, which sparked rumours that he was trying to get her back.

Usher has been raising his newborn daughter, Sovereign Bo, while sharing the sweetest photos of her on social media.

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