Cardi B hit with $5 million lawsuit after accusations of 'raunchy' and 'disgusting' mixtape cover art

20 October 2022, 16:28

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Cardi B has been sued for $5 million after a model for one of her early mixtapes claimed that he was superimposed into a lewd position.

Cardi B has been hit with a $5 million lawsuit after a man named Kevin Michael Brophy has accused the rapper of humiliating him with 'raunchy and disgusting' cover art.

On Tuesday October 18, Kevin appeared in court and says his alleged editing of him in a lewd position "goes against everything I stand for" due to his strong faith.

The album cover for Cardi's debut mixtape "Gangsta B**** Music Vol 1" was shown in court that depicts the rapper drinking beer in the back of a car whilst a man with a notable back tattoo has his head between his open legs.

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Cardi B appeared in court over this lawsuit.
Cardi B appeared in court over this lawsuit. Picture: Getty Images

Kevin further expressed that he feels disturbed as he worries that his young children will eventually see the cover or that their friends will see the album artwork.

According to his lawyers, Kevin's life has been 'disrupted' and the image has disturbed his wife.

The back tattoo was once considered to be a "Michealangelo piece", but is now considered “raunchy and disgusting” according to Kevin.

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Cardi B appearing in court.
Cardi B appearing in court earlier this year over strip club assault charges. . Picture: Getty Images

Kevin told the court that the lewd image was never signed off by him, and the depiction goes against "everything that I stand for" in regards to his faith.

Cardi B's lawyer has hit back at the lawsuit, and denied that Kevin's image had been used for the cover image, and noted that the model in the image had slightly different tattoos.

Kevin then counteracted this argument and said everyone who knows him believed him to be on the cover.

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"For me, it was something I took a lot of pride in,” Kevin Brophy said about his tattoo. “Now, that image feels devalued. I feel robbed. I feel completely disregarded. There’s a lot of things I would like to be spending time on. But the only way to get this removed was to come here to this courtroom."

The artist who created the cover art was paid $50 and googled 'back tattoos' before finding Brophy's back design after finding a picture online.

The testimony is set to last for the rest of the week which will then decide the verdict of the lawsuit.

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