50 Cent has responded to T.I challenging him to a Verzuz battle

27 September 2021, 14:53

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50 Cent has responded after T.I shared he wanted to go head to head.

50 Cent has shut down T.I's requests for a Verzuz battle against the 'Get Rich or Die Trying' icon.

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T.I shared his thoughts during his recent performance a the premiere event for 'Black Family Mafia'.

This is not the fist time he has shared that he wants to battle the star.

T.I took to the stage at the premiere for 50's show 'Black Family Mafia' and as well as his performance, he offered the star a challenge, sating: “Hey 50, we got to do this Verzuz, man,”.

The rapper and actor wants to go head to head with 50
The rapper and actor wants to go head to head with 50. Picture: Getty

However, 50 doesn't seem to be on the same page - having responded in a now-deleted post.

Addressing T.I, he said: "I don't like all this kinda sh*t. It wouldn't be a good idea to come around me again".

Concluding: "respectfully stay away from me".

50 is not interested in going against T.I
50 is not interested in going against T.I. Picture: Getty

This isn't the first time T.I. has proposed battling 50. During a 2020 interview on 'Ebro in the Morning' he made it known he believes he has a much “doper” catalog than the 'Power' star.

Speaking further on the rapper and actor, he said he thinks his desired opponent's "ego is big enough to withstand my bravado.”.

Continuing: “I don’t think he’d be intimidated by how I pop my sh*t.".

50 has previously shared his thoughts on the iconic battles - referencing the fact they started up during the worldwide lockdowns.

The star said: "I thought Verzuz was something we did when we was stuck in the house.”.

50 previously shared that he is not a fan of Verzuz
50 previously shared that he is not a fan of Verzuz. Picture: Getty

He continued to dismiss Verzuz, saying: “As soon as we got out of the house to come back outside, Verzuz didn’t make sense to me."

He concluded: "As soon as we could go back outside, I don’t know why we still doing it.”.

T.I is yet to respond to 50 Cent's comments.

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