YNW Melly trial: crime scene photos released by police

25 November 2019, 15:10

YNW Melly is accused of murdering his two friends and now new evidence has been released by police.

Having spent the majority of 2019 in jail after being arrested for the murder of his two friends Anthony Williams aka YNW Sakchaser and Christopher Thomas Jr. aka YNW Juvy, rapper YNW Melly is still awaiting his trial date to be set.

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But whilst Melly, real name Jamell Maurice Demons, awaits his trial, his co-defendant Cortlen Henry has gone through a bail hearing which has seen photos from the murder scene revealed by police for the first time.

According to the defence, YNW Melly, Cortlen Henry and the two victims were sat in a car together when they were shot at during a drive-by, but this is something which the prosecution claim was made up and they used the newly released photos, revealed in XXL, to attempt to prove their theory.

The prosecution alleges that the victims were shot from inside the car and that the drive-by was staged after the murder had taken place, whilst they also claim that cellphone data proves YNW Melly was at the scene of the crime.

Henry had driven the two victims to a local hospital and claimed they had been involved in the drive-by, but during his bail hearing experts showed ballistics results to disprove the drive-by theory and cast doubt over YNW Melly's story.

Henry is waiting to find out whether he will be granted bail, whilst YNW Melly has already been charged and is awaiting his trial as he potentially faces the death penalty if found guilty.

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