YNW Melly reacts to '223s' music video from jail cell

7 November 2019, 10:59

YNW Melly has been in prison for a year as he awaits trial for the double murder of his two friends.

After rapper YNW Melly saw his huge hit song 'Murder On My Mind' certified platinum just days after he was arrested for murder, his latest single '223's' has also gone on to have huge success, accompanied by a viral dance.

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Due to being in jail at the time of the music video shoot, YNW Melly did not appear in the '223's' music video and also hadn't seen the track's visuals until now.

As the video above shows, YNW Melly somehow managed to watch the music video from his jail cell and clearly found it hilarious as he laughed all the way through.

'223's' quickly became a viral hit when it was released back in August and fans took to Instagram to share their videos of the viral dance.

YNW Melly has been in prison ever since he was arrested for the alleged double murder of his two friends YNW Sakchaser (Anthony Williams) and YNW Juvy (Christopher Thomas Jr.) back in February and a date for his trial is still yet to be set.

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