What is Spotify Wrapped 2023's Release Date?

29 November 2023, 13:17

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By Anna Suffolk

When is Spotify Wrapped 2023 coming out? How can I access it? Here's everything you need to know.

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The end of the year is approaching, and so is Spotify Wrapped 2023, which users look forward to sharing across social media every year.

Released annually since 2016, the initiative collates a users data about their activity on the streaming service, which includes their most listened to songs, albums and artists.

So, when is Spotify Wrapped coming out in 2023 and how do I access it? Here's a rundown of everything you need to know.

Drake has debuted a new face tattoo.
Drake is likely to feature on many users Spotify wrapped this uear! Picture: Getty
  1. When is the release date for Spotify Wrapped 2023?

    The day is here, Spotify Wrapped is here! The streaming service released the round up on Wednesday 29 November.

    In the past years, Spotify Wrapped has been released around the late November / early December mark.

    The last 4 years Spotify Wrapped has dropped on:

    • Wednesday December 2, 2020
    • Wednesday December 1, 2021
    • Wednesday November 30, 2022
    • Wednesday November 29, 2023
    Rihanna and ASAP Rocky have two children together.
    Who will be on your Spotify Wrapped? Picture: Getty
  2. How can I access Spotify Wrapped 2023?

    To access Spotify Wrapped 2023, users must visit the Spotify homepage on either desktop or mobile, where a widget can be found, which will read: "Your 2023 Wrapped is ready".

    Those with notifications on for Spotify may also receive a notification to their device once Spotify Wrapped 2023 is released on the platform.

    From there, users can access their most listened to song, artist amongst other analytics.

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