Love Island's Shannon Singh: Twitch, OnlyFans, glamour modelling, parents & more

30 June 2021, 10:41

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From Twitch to Only Fans, here's everything you need to know about Love Island's Shannon Singh.

Love Island is back on our screens and fans are figuring out their favourite islanders'.

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Here's everything you need to know about Scottish girl Shannon Singh.

  1. Does Shannon Singh have Twitch?

    Shannon told her Instagram followers that she is a "geek at cod"
    Shannon told her Instagram followers that she is a "geek at cod". Picture: Instagram

    Shannon Singh has a Twitch account and revealed that she loves to stream, particularly Call of Duty.

    Her Twitch username is @ShannonSinghhh and fans can follow her there, where she already has 1.8k followers.

    Shannon's account has videos uploaded as well as a bio where she describes herself as "a lil raging Scottish girl that loves to game&chat!".

  2. Does Shannon Sigh have Only Fans?

    Subscribers threatened to leak Shannon's Only Fans content
    Subscribers threatened to leak Shannon's Only Fans content. Picture: Instagram: @ShannonSinghhh

    Shannon Singh used to have an only fans account where she shared personal content of herself.

    However, the love island star deleted her account when she joined the show - as subscribers leaked her content.

    It was revealed that she got into conflict with subscribers after discovering a thread on Reddit in which there were discussions about sharing her subscriber only, paid for content

    A Reddit user wrote: "Leak her content pls," to which Singh replied: "Leak my content? You are f*****g GROSS. Pay for it you weirdos.".

  3. Is Shannon Singh a glamour model?

    Shannon revealed that she began doing glamour modelling when she was 18 years old, saying her mum encouraged her to "do page three".

    Speaking with BBC podcast 'Brown Girls Do It Too' Shannon said: “She took the topless photos of me and we sent them off to a London agency and I got signed within 11 minutes.".

    As well as this, Shannon models for well known brands such as Savage X Fenty, Boux Avenue and Ann Summers.

  4. What is Shannon Singh's ethnicity?

    Shannon has punjabi heritage
    Shannon has punjabi heritage. Picture: Instagram: @ShannonSinghhh

    During her BBC podcast interview Shannon shared that she has Punjabi heritage.

    Her dad, who is from Birmingham is of Indian heritage, as well her grandmother. However - Shannon’s mother is Scottish, so she’s mixed race.

    Singh also told the Podcast hosts, Poppy & Rubina, that people often mistake her for other ethnicities such as Armenian or Latina.

    Shannon refers to herself as "an Indian girl who owns her sexuality".
    Shannon refers to herself as "an Indian girl who owns her sexuality". Picture: Instagram: @ShannonSinghhh

    Shannon also touched on how her heritage impacts how she feels about her sexuality, saying: “One thing I am proud of is being an Indian girl who owns her sexuality.".

    She continued: "I think a lot of Asian girls need that because it’s not in the culture to be headstrong as a woman and be proud of who you are and own your sexuality."

    "If I can pave the way then I will.” the model concluded.

  5. Who are Shannon Singh's parents?

    Shannon has revealed that her mum, Yvonne, is Scottish and her dad, Narinder, is Indian.

    When speaking on her career the star shared that her parents are supportive of her glamour model career.

    Shannon also shared that her dad joined a stripping agency when she was young.

    Speaking to The Mirror she said: "When people hear the name Singh, people automatically assume that I’m from a traditional Indian household, but it’s like polar opposites" evidenced by her dads career.

    She called her dads stripping: "absolute jokes" and "loves" the idea that of her dad being a stripper.

    She continued to talk about her fathers career, saying: "When me and my brother were younger he used to have a silver Honda Civic, he had ‘Sweet Cheeks’ and pink writing with kisses all over the car to advertise his stripping.".

    Shannon shared that her dad used to be a stripper
    Shannon shared that her dad used to be a stripper. Picture: Instagram: @shannonsinghhh

    Shannon shared that her mum Yvonne encouraged her to start a career in glamour modelling, saying: “I loved doing page three when I was younger. it was my mum who got me into it".

    "My mum didn’t push me to do page three but we researched the glamour modelling industry and agencies" the star clarified.

    She continued: “I put it off for so long and she was like, ‘Sit and take the photos woman'".

    Shannon clarified: "I wouldn’t prance around naked in front of my family, but I’ve got very supportive parents with whatever I do.”.

    Concluding, she said: “My dad hasn’t looked at me in the papers either”.

  6. Does Shannon Singh have Youtube?

    Shannon is a successful YouTuber who has over 10k subscribers and videos with over 300k views.

    The star has ten videos with content including clothes hauls, beauty tutorials and 'day in the life' videos.

    Her channel can be viewed below.

    Day in the life vlog | Alexa Singh

  7. What is Shannon Sigh's net worth?

    Despite being in the completion to win £50k, Shannon is said to already have a net worth of £150k.

    Her wealth is said to have been been built from a combination of her Only Fans, modelling and YouTube.

Shannon can be followed on Instagram at: @ShannonSinghhh

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