How much money did Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather make from their fight?

7 June 2021, 11:51 | Updated: 7 June 2021, 16:17

Logan Paul celebrates win over Floyd Mayweather with Instagram promo clip ahead of fight airing

The YouTuber-turned-boxer and professional boxer went head-to-head in a fight at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday.

The fight between the undefeated Boxer and the YouTube star has been widely controversial, but how much did Floyd and Logan rack up from the fight?

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Sundays (June 6) fight sold at $49.99 on pay-per-view and took place Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium which hosted thousands of viewers.

The two fighters would have earned an upfront fee for their fight, from which Mayweather is said to have earned a fee of as much as $10 million, whilst Paul will earn around $250,000.

As well as this, both fighters will earn a sum for the total of pay-per-view streams. This fight is expected to break PPV records, even exceeding record numbers seen in 2017, when Mayweather took on McGregor.

Sources have said that the contracts guarantee Mayweather 50 per cent of what is earned through PPV, whilst Paul will secure 10 per cent.


Speaking with Sports Illustrated Mayweather recently suggested that he could make as much as $100m for a fight like this.

He said: “I can fight a fighter right now and I can guarantee myself $35 million," he said. “I can eventually probably make $50 million, for just a regular fight. “Or me and Logan Paul can go out, entertain, have fun and make nine figures, $100 million or more. $35 million for 12 rounds or $100 million for six rounds — big difference.”

Before the fight had even taken place, Floyd said he had already made $30 Million and shared that he expected to earn between $50m and $100m from the fight. Paul's earnings of $250,000 as well as a 10% cut of pay-per-view earnings, whilst not as much as his legendary opponent, are still massively impressive.

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