Lil Durk and India Royale relationship timeline: pictures, videos & more

13 September 2022, 16:04

Lil Durk proposes to India Royale after four years of dating

The couple are now engaged after Lil Durk proposed during a Chicago concert. Here's a comprehensive timeline of Lil Durk & India's relationship...

Lil Durk, has been making music since his Myspace days. He's released a number of albums over the years, and he landed on the Billboard Hot 100 with his 2020 single "Viral Moment."

Lil Durk proposes to India Royale onstage during Chicago concert

The rapper is now arguably one of the biggest artists in hip-hop snd rap. While he's mainly famous for being a great artist, Durk is also admired for his relationship with India Royale.

As of September 2022, the rapper and India Royale have reportedly split after airing out their drama on social media.

India Royale and Lil Durk have been together in an on-off relationship since 2017
India Royale and Lil Durk have been together in an on-off relationship since 2017. Picture: Getty

The couple, who were dating for four years, got engaged in December 2021, after four years of dating.

Here's a comprehensive timeline of Lil Durk & India's relationship....

  1. September 2022 - Lil Durk and India split

    Lil Durk and India Royale have reportedly split after five years together.

    She has unfollowed the rapper and deleted all trace of him from her Instagram feed.

    She also tweeted on Sept 11 saying "I'm a free agent", prompting fans to suggest that the pair are no longer together.

    The image Lil Durk posted on his story.
    The image Lil Durk posted on his story. Picture: Instagram

    The former couple are parents to a daughter together.

    Durk has responded to India's action by posting a selfie and writing "That [cat emoji] mines 4ever welcome to death row b****."

    India hit back at this comment by posting a cap emoji to her Instagram stories later that day.

  2. March 2022 - Lil Durk reveals why he proposed to India Royale

    During Lil Durk's appearance on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, he made a shocking revelation about what made him propose to India Royale.

    Before admitting he is "petty as hell", he revealed that his fiancée India Royale's low body count was one of the reasons he chose to propose to her.

    After the rapper said he wouldn't wife a woman who has had many sexual partners, he added: "But that's me. But it's like, everything about her – being real, not cheating, she ain't been passing around. It was like, her body count. That's what really did it."

    The confession sparked debates online, with many fans criticising the rapper.

  3. December 2021 - Lil Durk and India Royale are engaged!

    Lil Durk went down on one knee and popped the big question to India Royale during a concert in their hometown of Chicago on Saturday (Dec 18).

    The 'When We Shoot' rapper decided to make the proposal extra special by asking India at the local radio station’s Big Jam concert at the United Center infant of hundreds of fans.

    In a viral video shared by Durk, he brought India on stage following his performance and went on his knees, asking: “Do you wanna be my wife?”

    Without thinking much, India was quick to say “yes” and the crowd roared for the couple.

  4. October 2021 - Lil Durk shuts down rumours that he cheated on India with a transgender woman

    Lil Durk shut down rumours that he cheated on India Royale with a transgender woman, after the rapper became trending on Twitter.

    To put an end to the rumour, both Durk and India posted the same photo on Instagram of themselves kissing with the Chicago rapper writing, "y'all know damn well this s*^t 4eva."

  5. May 2021 - Rumours spread that Lil Durk and India split

    Fans were heartbroken after rumours spread that their favourite hip-hop cookie had split again.

    A few indirect tweets from Lil Durk sparked speculation that India had been unfaithful.

    However, Durk swiftly shut down the claims and confirmed that he was still with India.

    Taking to Instagram, Durk wrote: "It p*ss me off how y’all change sh*t around tryna make it like somebody a h*e talking bout her like talking bout my kids kill that rumor my b*tch ain’t nun like you goofy h*es."

  6. September 2020 - Rumours spread that Lil Durk and India were engaged

    In September 2020, fans were shocked after rumours spread that Lil Durk and India Royale were engaged.

    The rumours were sparked by a photo that Durk shared on his Instagram of a ring followed by an image of him kissing India.

    The 'Backdoor'used the photos as a way of shutting down rumours that he and India has broken up.

    Durk captioned the photos: "Save the bulls**t we ain't never breaking up!!!! ReaL goals YouTube : INDIA ROYALE."

  7. January 2020 - Lil Durk and India split rumours surface

    Fans were shocked after rumours surfaced that Lil Durk and India Royale had split after the couple had unfollowed each other on Instagram,

    At the time, Durk alleged India had cheated on him with fellow rapper Young Thug on his Instagram Story.

    However, he later put up an indirect at guys who were trying to get with India while there were going through issues.

    Durk wrote: "Don't get shot tryna be the n***a to comfort my b***h while we goin thru it."

    Directly addressing the cheating rumours, Durk tweeted: "India did not cheat on me she to 1000000 for that and respect herself 2much we will never let the internet break up our home y'all can keep trying tho. We don't care frfr."

  8. 2017- 2018

    Lil Durk started dating girlfriend India in 2017 and have been on-and-off since then.

    Durk and India welcomed their first child together, Willow Banks – India's second child, but first with the rapper.

    India has a six-year-old daughter, Skylar, from another relationship and posted on Instagram for Willow's birthday in 2020.

    Lil Durk has five older children - son Angelo, 10; son Zayden, 8; daughter Bella, 8; son Du'mier, 7; and daughter Skyler, 7.

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