Kodak Black trolled for shooting his shot at Zendaya in "delusional" jail poem

17 February 2020, 12:28

Kodak Black writes love poem to Zendaya from jail
Kodak Black writes love poem to Zendaya from jail. Picture: Getty

Rapper Kodak Black is currently in jail, but he's decided to share some love for Zendaya with a Valentine's love poem.

Kodak Black was sentenced to almost four years in prison back at the end of 2019 and since then he's complained numerous times at what he claims is unfair treatment during his time behind bars.

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Now, the rapper has decided to share a Valentine's Day poem about Euphoria actress Zendaya with the world via his Instagram account and its left people confused.

Writing in a post which he later deleted, Kodak Black said, "Zoolin in a ice box, Frozen in time, But mentally you're my Valentine. Hope I made you smile with this poem, I'm thinking bout you all the way home".

The 'ZeZe' rapper went on to say, "P.S. Don't make me beat Spider-Man up" in relation to Zendaya's role in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Shortly after Kodak posted his love note about Zendaya on Instagram, people shared their feelings on social media and were left wondering where Kodak's public display of love for Zendaya had come from.

One person wrote, 'Im deadass as delusional as Kodak Black shooting his shot at Zendaya via an IG picture of a poem while behind bars and idec ....', whilst another added, 'the fact that Kodak dropped a love song/poem and @ Zendaya on IG has me crying'.

Kodak Black has also removed all of the accounts he was previously following and is now only following Zendaya on his Instagram.

Zendaya has been closely linked to Jacob Elordi in the recent past, so it seems as though Kodak Black may have some competition on his hands when it comes to winning the actress' affections.

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