Glorilla responds to backlash over her $550 per week personal assistant job

16 December 2022, 12:19

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GloRilla has been called out after offering $550 a week to be her personal assistant.

Rapper GloRilla has responded to backlash after she uploaded a job posting of an assistant role to her, with the salary of $550 a week.

Many fans took the salary to be low considering the qualities required, including food shopping, travel arrangements and calendar scheduling.

The F.N.F (Let's Go) rapper said that the role would be the "easiest sh*t in the world", but that hasn't stopped fans from calling her out amid the low salary offered.

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Glorilla at the BET Hip Hop awards
Glorilla at the BET Hip Hop awards. Picture: Getty Images

Glo justified the role following the backlash by saying that the assistant's flights would be paid for.

"Talking about $550 too low. Really, it needs to be $500," she joked in an Instagram clip.

She then added, "First of all, your flights get paid for…You think I’m finna pay $500 for you a flight every day plus pay you? No, that don’t work like that."

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Despite the long list of responsibilities Glo reassured prospective applicants and said, "half of the sh*t on that list you don’t gotta do for real. It’s just, if it comes down to it, you might have to do it."

People still dragged GloRilla over the salary and said, "Now Glorilla looking for a personal assistant and she’s paying $550 a week. Ppl talking about ‘it’s not always about the money, it’s a stepping stone.’ Yeah a stepping stone to poverty."

Someone then said, "Nah Glorilla explaining why she only paying $550 a week made the sh*t even worse LMAO" over her statements.

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