Bobby Shmurda's friend reveals new prison release date

18 February 2021, 12:27 | Updated: 18 February 2021, 12:42

Bobby Shmurda's friend reveals new prison release date
Bobby Shmurda's friend reveals new prison release date. Picture: Getty

Fans are excited to hear Bobby Shmurda may be released from prison in early 2021.

By Tiana Williams

Bobby Shmurda may be released from prison soon. The "Hot Ni**a" hitmaker seemingly teased his potential release date last year. But now, his friend has revealed his new potential release date.

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Back in 2014, the 25-year-old rapper was charged with conspiracy to murder, weapons possession, and reckless endangerment.

He later plead guilty and was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2016.

Update - 18/02/2021

Although Bobby Shmurda did not get released in August 2020, there are new rumours suggesting he will be released this February.

On Wednesday (Feb 17) Shmurda's friend Rowdy Rebel teased that Shmurda will be released soon.

"SIX DAYS LFET 🤭 Then all the joy gone wash away the pain,I promise you brother💯 #stillfreegs9#freeskrap1090"

Fans flooded the comments with hopes that the pair will collaborate together as soon as Bobby is released.

One fan wrote "Can’t wait to hear y’all first song🔥" while another wrote "FREE MY BOY, WE COUNTING HIM DOWN OVER HERE FRFR!!!".

Original story

Shmurda's sentence was reduced to five years, due to the two years he already served while awaiting trial.

The "Bobby B*tch" rapper was in the 'GS9' alongside group with other rappers, including Rowdy Rebel, and they are both expected to get out this year.

While previous reports suggest Bobby's release may be in December 2020, it seems as though the date may be sooner.

Fans have speculated that the rapper will be released in the next two weeks, as the rapper seems to be counting down to a surprise on his website.

The rapper's official website has been looks to be teasing something big coming in twelve days.

"How long can you wait?" the countdown is titled, with an active clock ticking down.

It's not official that this is Shmurda's release date, other fans have suggested it may be a new album. See fans reactions to the countdown below.

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