Black History Month: 5 charities you can support and donate to

23 May 2022, 11:54

Charities to support during BHM 2021
Charities to support during BHM 2021. Picture: Getty

Here's how you can support the Black community during Black History Month.

Black History Month in the UK lasts for the entire month of October and there are many ways everyone can get involved to celebrate and support Black culture.

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Giving to charity is just one, and here five that you can support.

  1. Imkaan

    Imkaan is a charity dedicated to supporting Black and minority ethnic women who are a victim of violence.

    The organisation states that their work is "informed by the direct needs of the sector, to improve service delivery, highlight good practice responses and BME women’s pathways to care and support."

    Imkaan support women facing a range of gender-based violence, including but not limited to:

    • domestic violence
    • forced marriage
    • ‘honour-based’ violence

    Imkaan also host training and workshops surrounding these subjects, as well as presentations and public speaking.

    Those who wish to support Imkaan can give a one time donation, or can set up regular donations.

  2. Black LGBTQIA+ Therapy Fund

    The Black LGBTQIA+ Therapy Fund is a charity that aims to help Black LGBTQIA+ with the impacts of challenges they may face due to their identity.

    The team pair Black LGBTQIA+ with Black LGBTQIA+ therapists who help individuals deal with their retrospective concerns.

    Those who wish to support the charity can donate to support their work. Alternatively, they accept applications from Black LGBTQIA+ therapists.

  3. The Reach Out Project

    The Reach Out Project is a mentoring scheme, aimed towards boys living in inner-city London.

    The programme aims to intervene in the lives of young people who may be at risk of getting involved with a problematic lifestyle, in order to create opportunities.

    The charity say, "We focus on supporting four key aspects of childhood development; cognitive, behavioural and social and emotional development.".

    The work is done through mentoring, activities, monetary support and life guidance.

    So far, Reach Out project has 51 Successful Programmes, 42 Students Involved, 44 Volunteers & Supporters and 24 partners.

    To become a part of the work they day you can 'Get Involved' or donate.

  4. Black Girls Camping Trip

    The Black Girls camping trip is a nature retreat for Black women over the age of 18.

    The initiative aims to help build communities and break down the idea that nature is a "white space".

    The camping trips allow for Black women to bond through time spent together in nature, as well as group activities.

    Those who wish to support can donate, or volunteer to help lead the trips.

  5. StopWatch

    StopWatch is a charity that aims to "address excess and disproportionate stop and search, promote best practice and ensure fair, effective policing for all.".

    The website details projects done, such as a recent summit - as well as providing a blog with news and information on the issues with stop and search.

    Those who wish to support the work done can donate towards their work.

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